what is me…stylistically…

So, here is an assemblage of a few things that are really, really me, sytlistically.  In that book The Seaheart that I am supposed to be working on, but somehow haven’t been, what it is about is the summer I spent at Patsy’s house I was talking about.  It was a two story Victorian, very plain.  But inside was quite magical because of all the trompe l’oiel.  And the chandeliers.

From my mother there are many things, but, Django is one — so I like this music sometimes.  it’s just happy! xxoo!  I love any kind of guitar, but, flamenco and this gipsy style particularly…

From my grandmother, solid France.  She was pure petits fours and gilding and lace.  (My mother couldn’t stand any of that about her, but, she is a huge influence on me).  The very lovely parts of her that were very feminine.  I have some of her things.  Like the gilded mirrors I love.

She loved Talisman roses, best.  My grandfather had a formal rose garden planted for her.  My love of old rose varieties comes from her, I’m sure.

I’ve sort of grown those all of my life, everywhere I have lived — all the different kinds.  The one that goes most with me though, is probably this one —

Because they are just rambly and easy and very delicate — like my grandmother’s china.

Patsy had Datura trees, and those impressed me that summer — they come in so many different colors — I love them — totally magic in gardens…

They sort of went with Patsy’s chandeliers…and I really love those like you cannot believe.  There is just something about chandeliers, dunno.  Here is a picture of what they look like.  They are called Italian toile…

They also look like this…

I like them so much because they remind me of the flower bulbs I like to plant?

I adore gardens.  In different years I had fabulous ones, and I shall again.

I grew up with a lot of ethnic art, from my mother, and i like a little of that too, especially the Huichol art of Mexico.  My mother also always had a lot of baskets?  So from her, I love those and also straw bags and hats — I sort of collect those?  All these things sort of belong by the sea, the most.  They really do.  I also love striped beach umbrellas, and candlelight.  And funny old convertible sportscars.  Easy things.  I love French chairs…

But, I also like old leather sofas and that sort of thing — things where people can curl up and be very comfortable — or those very deep white sofas that are slipcovered that you sink into.

Stripes! Like this for curtains…

I’m thinking of taking my mascot out and shooting some pictures of garden statues I love.  Old lions, you know.  The usual.


oh ps: look at these!

I like very simple food, very rustic! xxoo! (she says, starving and happy)…

(the crust for the pastries)

and these:

I almost forgot, paper lanterns!

and this:



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