batterie de cuisine, or not…?

This of course, is my fav thing.  I bought it ages before they were fashionable.

Just because.  It weighs a ton, with that kind of All-American industrial motif.

When I bought it?

It was made here, and so were all things associated with it.  I’m trying to remember when that was because I think I might have been 30 that year.

Yesterday, I thought to myself — just go out and buy something, just try.  So I did, because, I just did, even though my heart lies elsewhere than this kitchen and equipping it further.

Years ago, there were things available from around the world, and they did not come from just one place like now.  This bothers me, as an American consumer like you cannot believe.  For instance?  Why is it that all the traditional things are now made in a country that starts with a capital C.

Even these were:

At $4.99, getting two small ones, commercial grade jelly roll pans, was a pretty fab deal even though I have no idea when I am going to make a jelly roll any time soon except I saw a fab little cake here:

I bought this:

Just because.  Even though I have no idea when I am going to bake a Saint Patrick’s day cake, but?


I have no idea.

I like the idea of moving to Europe, and I want to buy all the traditional things that come from other countries there, before all the regional things are gone!

For instance, Portugal.  And France, and Spain.

Actually I am interested in really simplifying things.  Really.

So, my mixer would come with me, and there are some other things that I love in terms of pans I have, but?  Dunno.  A few bowls I have.  My grandmother’s antique things.  My Italian plates, like these:

I went on a baking dish hunt a few years ago and I found wonderful ones in the crummiest store ever.  All from Portugal!  I love them!  Because they are from there!

Little gratin pans and souffle dishes, quiche tart pans with little herbs… so those.

My Spanish pottery, that I bought from the man down the street who was importing it.

That tall Italian vase I like to put sunflowers in that is blue and impossibly delicate and thin.

My silver things.

Dunno.  The rest can be had, elsewhere anew.

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