It isn’t a surprise to me that as a painter my favorite image is the darkest one from yesterday — the moodiest one.  I can understand the emos because I get into moods like that too.  Most artists do.

I’m thinking of going out for breakfast and then over to my favorite store to get some paper.


The line of yellow is the most important thing, so, in order to get at the darkness I’d start on navy and go from there.  The finished pastel would not be quite as dark as what you see here, because there is a lot of purple in the clouds — so, it is a field about sorrow.

The yellow part of the image is about hope, out of the dark.

That line, and the greenish-blue areas.  I would add in more light, too.

So, I have been hanging out with this little camera I have and shooting sunsets and pictures of my shoe…like this:

I’m trying to eat, but I am not hungry at all.  I just feel really affected by all the sorrow in the news.  So, I went out to my fav place for a sandwich, which I can do.

This is how one of my favorite painters Rothko saw things.


I love them.

For a long time I had this Diebenkorn poster:

When I was an art student.

There is something very refreshing about the utter simplicity of the mood in a colorfield painting.  Like Zen in a way.  Like everything stripped down to essentials.

Like someplace else.

Another nice video on Rothko and the era that he was painting in and from…

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