where the rabbits run

This is the mustard that grows wild on the seacliffs here.  It’s blooming early this year.  There was so much rain.

This road has little wild rabbits that live all along it.

Anyway, Chiron into Pisces and what that might mean for you, astrologically.

You could read this, on the houses.

So 4th, for me.

4th equals home, and the roots of home.  It also symbolizes one of the parents or the style of the house that you like.  Fourth and 10th are the parents.  10th is career, too.

My 4th is half Aquarius and then the larger part is Pisces — the sea.

When you live by the sea, the sky paints itself every sunset.

People drive here just to see it.  It’s the last of the quiet beaches.

So Chiron has been in Aquarius and that article above can explain, but, mostly look at the houses.

Creek water runs all year down to this beach and so that is where the rabbits must drink.

The rabbits live under here.  The cactus (maybe it’s a century plant) hides them.  It’s just one place of theirs.

The train runs by, and you wave from the beach — in the way you were taught to wave at trains as a child.

The rabbits scatter.

This beach carves itself in winter into different shapes.  This year the creek has changed its banks, and over the last few years a new plant arrived — with tiny purple flowers on the little dunes.  It’s not an ice plant, but more of a beautiful succulent.  Also, a wild girasol blooms here.

At night the stars are very clear, in this place.

All the way out to sea.

The city lights look like a little bracelet off in the distance.

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