north node conjunct venus…

So, I did a little reading for tonight, and it’s good.  Just one card.  This one.  When I was younger and really reading my tarot I always used the Page of Swords as my significator.

Now, I’m not sure what I would pick.  Also?  Where are my cards?

No clue.

That is how scattered this little boat of sorrow has been.  But this is a very good card, because it represents the ferrying towards a future.

There is something else I have going on as a transit — I had a reading done by my astrologer this year, back in October.  Chiron is the “wounded healer” and that has moved into Pisces now and will be there for seven years.  My Pisces is 4th/5th house.

This card symbolizes the last decade to me.  or more.

I like the fact that the woman is with a child!

The swords? I expect those have to do with the node and venus conjunction.  The North Node is what you are to do with the lifetime — I was looking at the decans in order to see what my node was and it is ruled by the Moon.

So, the node is conjuncting my Venus which opposes the Moon, natally.

We get trapped by the South Node into old, centuries old karmas.  So, maybe the swords represent that — and the leaving all that behind.  This Chiron in Pisces is affecting my whole generation of people.  All of us carry so much pain — like the sword wounds.  We had to live those — maybe to this place where we can get to the other shore.  So I always leave the astrologer’s with a stack of paper and her notes and scribbles on things.  Today is a big day!  I see she has drawn the node with the moon and her lines end up at Neptune trine the Moon — today.

So this card I got — well, it represents what I would like on the other side of the shore.  When you look at the humans on the boat.

Perhaps the North Node is the pivot point.  I think so.

My whole Venus existence has been in a place of bardo for the last decade, and a place of not really being me, at all.  Too many sad things happened.  I’m at a place of wanting great change right now.  So anyway, tonight is having to do with my book and June and connecting to all of that.

I need some good luck, and some good things to happen, and I want my own life back.  My life is on that other shore in the card.  It really is.

Four of the swords represent four men I loved.

One sword represents my mother and the other my father.

The child is the one both of them abandoned, and the woman is the one who lived out what the four men did to her.

The north node conjuncting Venus is like putting the whole thing under a magnifying glass and being able to see, say 30 years of time — very quickly.

My generation of people is feeling very reflective now, about their lives.  We really are.  More than likely we are trying to figure out how to live with beauty and happiness because that is how we started out once when Chiron was last in Pisces.

I have some really good aspects having to do with Jupiter upcoming.  I can see all her marks on the pages and I just have to focus on that, and what lies ahead.  On Saint Patrick’s day Chiron is going to be trining my Neptune and that is great!  She told me at the reading to look at all the venusian aspects, so?  I am!

On June 4th Jupiter will trine Pluto, and I am holding out for that one because it is like the other shore.  Probably when the ferryman drops me off!

I’m really trying to stay alive and happy and think about the things that will keep me that way for the rest of my life.  Otherwise?  What is the point?





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