Ecopsychology — Food Chain — Plastics — Violence — Maslow — basics for health — Ocean Dead Zones

So, I have written extensively in this blog about Ecopsychology and health in the system.  Let’s go into the purple bar again and look at some very big problems related to the food chain in 2011.  For all human beings.

I was watching Norman Mailer talk about plastic in this video.  He’s right.  Watch:

When we talk about the purple bar and Maslow what happens when plastic gets into the food chain like this?

Humans can’t eat plastic.

Neither can fish.

There is a solution to this.

Change the packaging into glass and paper.  Get the plastic out of the system.  It is toxic.  The globe itself is not at the state of the purple bar, anymore.

When I was growing up people liked natural things.  Natural food, natural fabric.  We hated plastic things.  So?  Where is all the plastic coming from and why have manufacturers changed over?  Because it is cheap, like Norman Mailer says.  But it isn’t cheap for the planet.

Look what is happening:

If we go back to the genogram again during this period:


and we go to the 70’s, and trace what happened in terms of all this plastic?


We can see that if we just go back to a model from the 70’s we will be fine.

In the 70’s, people wore leather shoes — not plastic shoes.  Plastics came in in the 80’s for shoes.

We need to go back to natural things because they biodegrade back to the earth.  Naturally, as they did for centuries.  The question seems to be whether we will survive what technology has built before the planet is destroyed.

For all the plastic mechanized crap that has been created since the 80’s?

Watch this on something called “The Singularity.”

Consider Maslow and his purple bar.

Get rid of the plastic.

I suggest all you singularity freaks consider the planet and the generation of EMO CHILDREN you are leaving it to.  With your glorification of nanogrim.

Take one look into the history of Art and the history of mankind and you will see what a nightmare you have created for this planet — in your attempt to stop being human, or transcend being human.

What do you plan to do about it?

Requiem for a species.  What a place to start:

While you have been trying to create this?

What have you done to your children, you dumb fucks?

Watch this if you want to see sad.

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