Valentine Bonnaire! (on Valentines, propre)…

I love Valentine’s Day, for one thing.  I have had good ones and bad ones, like most people.

The best ones are where you are really in love, or you get a secret valentine.

It’s a childhood thing for Americans — a holiday that most of us love, because of its innocence.  And the chocolate, and the flowers, and,  well — you know.

So, when I was writing all that literary erotica I did, I picked this nom de plume for a reason.  There weren’t any stories that had love in them on that writer’s critique list.  I thought that was really sad.  I did.  It is an old-fashioned thing I expect. LOVE!

So love, well?

There are many kinds, and these are some of them.

Valentine’s Day can encompass all of them.

Anyway, Eros is the field of the writer of erotica proper.  I wrote hetero because I am, and I tried to capture different elements of Eros and what that looks and feels like in my stories.

So I decided to give you a link into one of my stories, just for this day!

My editor Susannah had a contest going on when I wrote this one — we had to include harbor lights, spider fingers and something else — I have forgotten, but I wrote Velvet Valentine as a very innocent silly date story, about falling in love.  It’s over at at this link, and it features my characters The Velvet Babe and Mr. Swankypants.

Mr. Swankypants is a romantic date!  He really is.

So anyway, doing research into robotics, robots and sex is like sad to me?  Really.

In fact?  Choosing a robot?  Shows me the loneliness in culture?

It occurs to me that many men might not know how to go on a date for Valentines Day?  Especially after watching some of the videos.  I read this yesterday about the pillow?

So, what this video is about is wanting love.  You can look at the list above for the different kinds, but it seems to me that this living breathing “form” can be replaced by an actual person.  A human.  A human Valentine.

Here is where cupid comes in for Valentine’s Day.  Cupid is a force of nature, like a little trickster?  Cupid makes people fall in love by shooting his little bow and arrow metaphorically.  The way to give someone a special little cupidy valentine is to make one yourself!

A surprise works best.

Make a card yourself, out of paper hearts and find a little poem to put inside it —  or write one yourself!

We used to use paper doilies like the picture you see above to make them.

Leave that like a surprise for someone that you like, that is human!


I’m going to do a pastel drawing of a valentine heart, for tomorrow — and put it up in here….

Oh and, if you are the dude who wrote The Singularity?  Well, look at what you have created in terms of that video above.

Humans?  We say no thank you to this kind of a future.  It’s not human.  It’s way too lonely, no?




6 thoughts on “Valentine Bonnaire! (on Valentines, propre)…

  1. First of all. Happy Valentine’s Day. Valentine. Yup the name suits you, in a strange kind of way, given that you have all of this intellectual acumen too. So, Cupid. Don’t believe in Cupid, or any of that stuff. But, who cares really. Just a comment to you.
    Also, I covered the singularity in great detail from it’s inception to where Kurzweil has it. Just an extension to the new agey stuff that everyone with no mind believed in awhile back. There is no such thing is there? Nope. So? that doesn’t stop people from believing in it. Remember my post about the impossibility of the number 1? No such thing as a singularity, without otherness. That was the gist of it. Oh well. You didn’t read it huh? Nope. No biggee. But it was a huge post, all about how it has influenced our mathematics– physics/beliefs,religion yadayada and so on. Geez. talking to the wind. Just the friggin’ wind. Oh, but, yup, I still believe in your talent. Bigly, as you would say. And? Hugely, lone wolfess.

    Happy Valentine’s day. Valentine.


    1. Missed you! I missed what you must have written on that? I hadn’t heard of this concept until the other day when there was a story in Time mag on it and the guy who dreamed it up. Well? I can tell you it is inhuman in my opinion — I will do everything I can to expose the problems coming from a guy that could dream that up.

      I missed you!
      doing my best to keep on, waiting to hear back and the rest is all the same — hope all is well for you & would love to call you soon.


  2. Ah Bonnaire. You are behind the curve here? Yea, you didn’t read my blog, and then you missed it, after it was gone. Well, you could have learned a thing or two, yourself, believe it or not. You aren’t the only genius in the neighborhood. I covered the territory totally. TOTALLY.

    As for Kurzweil, don’t waste your breath. He is old news. It’s all old news in the world. Just took Time Magazine an eon to discover it. Geez. So slow. So goddamn slow, as the world hastens toward some friggin’ place no one wants to go. And yet where we’ve been for millenia. What do you know.

    There isn’t such a thing. Valentine. Nothing is as it seems.

    Take a miracle when you can.

    And leave it at that.

    Too bad the world views kindness as weakness isn’t it.

    too bad.


  3. oh, finally. I miss you. Ok that’s said.

    Fyi. Kurzweil made his fortune in music. Believe it or not. Making keyboards with sampled sounds. Inotherwords, digital violins that sound like violins and so forth. Yea. Back in the day I was taken by that. But the human element. Was missing. SOmething flat about a perfect flute, sans human breath.

    He belongs on Jupiter, where the gas is too hot, and where he can only think about cooling it.


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