the clouds, and valentines…

My generation of women sometimes has to get their own Valentines?  For themselves.

Today, mine are in the sky — took these yesterday and I plan to do a few pastel drawings of them.

I believe in love.  I have fallen in love before, and I will fall in love again.  I’ve been in love four times in my life.  My generation looks for romantic love.  Romantic love usually does not last.  I like Romantic love the best.  I hope you are in love, today.  If you aren’t?  I hope you will find it, because it is great.

Today I will get myself my own Valentine.










































6 thoughts on “the clouds, and valentines…

  1. I’ve thought about these pictures all day. How beautiful. I hope you do these in pastels Bonnaire.
    I’m glad you took these photos.


      1. Thank you Bonnaire. How nice of you to say.

        Your cloudscapes are truly beautiful.


        your tennis shoe pic/study.

        made me smile.


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