the clouds, and valentines…

My generation of women sometimes has to get their own Valentines?  For themselves.

Today, mine are in the sky — took these yesterday and I plan to do a few pastel drawings of them.

I believe in love.  I have fallen in love before, and I will fall in love again.  I’ve been in love four times in my life.  My generation looks for romantic love.  Romantic love usually does not last.  I like Romantic love the best.  I hope you are in love, today.  If you aren’t?  I hope you will find it, because it is great.

Today I will get myself my own Valentine.










































6 thoughts on “the clouds, and valentines…

      1. Thank you Bonnaire. How nice of you to say.

        Your cloudscapes are truly beautiful.


        your tennis shoe pic/study.

        made me smile.


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