Summing up the political mood in America…

These are my images from the other day.

I can tell you that the mood is oppressive on both sides to the viewing audience.

I think most Americans are very uncertain about the future.  Very.

I can’t remember a time I felt less confident in American politicians than right now.  In my lifetime.

And, watching politicians not give a damn about our own country while they argue amongst themselves has gotten to be a running joke.

So, I’m driving to go make these shots of clouds of late and thinking about silver linings.

Is there going to be a silver lining for our country?

I wonder.

We seem to be at a type of crossing right now — the train goes by where I was and so I watched a few of them.

There is no pride in our trains like there was in my childhood.  They used to be clean and shiny like bright copper pennies,  I was on them all the time.

My generation is worried about our country.


We are watching our States split apart into these different ideologies.

This is a picture of anise — it grows wild here like mustard and like mustard the seed is used for “fennel” — it has pretty yellow flowers when it blooms, and when  it dies back it looks like these sticks — about five to six feet tall.  I think this is how Americans are feeling.  Like dried sticks in the wind with a cloud cover.  At least we are out here in the West.

Here is my abstraction on American Industry!

And the sea, with a silver lining cloud…

Anyway.  Taking pictures, because reading the news is too depressing.

You know which politician I respect?

A French politician.  Sarkozy.

France would be a dream come true for me.

Here?  I can’t even recognize my own country anymore. Dried sticks in the wind.

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