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Out of sheer luck, today, and thinking about WordPress and how wonderful it is, I found out who is responsible for this most wonderful place!  Matt Mullenweg. (well, it is all of you, too!)…but I wanted to say thank you.  Also, Matt will know how to patent something and I don’t?  Because, WordPress will be the container for what I am designing that therapists are going to use!  A long time ago when I was doing research I was thinking of the people who should be at the top tier of all of this, and I have written a book that is with an editor and so I may have some money to fund this myself once it sells — THE ALCHEMY PROJECT.  But I want to tell Matt Mullenweg why!

First?  “Code is Poetry.”

If you look at the videos I posted yesterday, we are going to need a person like Matt and all the rest of you, who know all about the languages being spoken right now to have your heads and hearts wrapped around this.  Someplace, way, way, back in my blog when I talked about this project I mentioned teams of tiers?  I do believe that I said the founders of WordPress and the Wikipedia should meet the man who founded Pacifica Graduate Institute, and that is Steve Aizenstat.

The three of your minds are the most wonderful minds in the world to me.  And the three of your minds plus the faculty at Pacifica will know how to deal with my research as I write it.  Bless you.

I have talked often about something called a genogram here, and that is something that therapists use as a tool to get an understanding of timeframes on things.  Matt, your generation of programmers are so amazing to me.  To make something like WordPress.  The ease of WordPress as it has evolved?  The word “awesome” does not begin to cover that.  Neither does “amazing,” frankly.  Because it is more than that, to me.

Matt, bless you.


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