This is how I see Matt/Moz/Apple/WordPress — in this picture!

I’ve been taking pictures of the sunsets — in terms of the last piece I posted I want you to look at this one carefully! xxoo!

On the very far right you are going to see a pinprick of light.  That is a lighthouse.  I see you as that lighthouse in terms of saving the world.  From what we have just been discussing.  Follow the red area over to the very far right and you will see that dot of light.

Hugs, you fabsters.

When I was your age.

ps: fab menus! xxoo!

me at your age, well 24? maybe...

Code is Poetry.


21 thoughts on “This is how I see Matt/Moz/Apple/WordPress — in this picture!

    1. Those two words don’t say it for me in regards to you. I would have to read it and don’t have time. If you have a moment explain more please.


    2. So at quick glance she responded to a man named Kohlburg in regards to his theory of the stages of moral development and created the ethics of care. Ok. Usually i do not consider theories based on what at a perfunctory glance appears to be poor theory (kohlburg). Obviously Kohlburg’s conclusions re: morality were skewed


      1. A Nobel? Why do you want a Nobel? You don’t have to work so hard to receive a Nobel. You just have to screw up economics like John Nash or learn to use a TelePrompTer like Barack.


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