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Okay, so, hmmm.  As I was blogging over that whole political thing back in 2008, here — I also was watching news stories for things flash by and sometimes I was thinking of these as interventions and writing to that — also, sometimes I would get really scared by what I was seeing, too.   All of this dates back to a paper I wrote while I was at Pacifica on child development, no kidding.  It was for Dr. Mary Watkins there.

It was that day I bought the Apple Performa.  So more on technology today.  Back to the genogram using 1995.  (because of Matt and WP? — I could actually retype that research paper into the web?) — you have no idea my gratitude! Whew.


So, as we think about where we all were in certain eras?  And what we were doing!  I saw a vid yesterday on Matt and his father — so that represents an entire generation of kids in your age bracket.  Not that you had the same parents, but in terms of a couple of things that are important to this timeline!  I think many men were working in the industry your dad was, because that would be like Job’s generation?  This guy and this guy are the two main guys that I know of.  This is the time I referred to that the “spine” of the “systems department” is being built in companies all over America and possibly the world as well.

So, now, for this technology part of the genogram — we are going to add in your parent’s birthday!


So we have our dates, and their dates!

This genogram timeline has has myself and my mother:


So, let me put Matt’s gen in.


I want to give you an idea about what work was like in those early days, as the “spine” of the systems dept. was being built in my industry at that time.

Also some visual aids?  About that era!

The picture above is what had happened by the late 80’s and early 90’s in my industry.  This might be a book with a ton of history in it as a research link.

What I want to show Matt and his crew at WordPress, is what I got at this search for “early vdt” because in the top row?  Is something that I think was seen a lot of in those downloads by kids.  If we look at the jumble of images on this page — what I was looking for was a picture like this video below is going to show you!

We called those VDT’s.

So let’s get back to this concept of the workplace as it changed to cubicles and machines during the era 1981, forward.

In a genogram, we do what we call “cultural surround” as well — and so this is where Dipity and that timeline can really come in handy!  Because we can check on cognition by what was observed in discrete time periods?  Like say by your gen!

So, Birthdate 1984


Have your group of Mozilla fabsters and WordPress peeps grab images of what they remember from their own generation.

To make this totally fun, eat more fab food and do this by making a giant group paper timeline together!  Print out images from the web that you can download that fit!  This is making an arty collage!  I used those all the time when I was working as a therapist, and it’s fun!

You can use printer paper and tape it together?  Kind of like a roll of toilet paper is?  Lay that out on the floor!

Have your dads and moms also do one if you want?

That can really give a sense of the era!

Questions for  this part of the research would be this:

1.  What toys did you play with — and on computer as well? — make years along the timeline by drawing a line for the date!

2.  What stands out in world history for you most in your gen? —- add that in!

3.  What movies and TV were you watching?————— add those dates!

4.  What can you remember about yourself and how you began to use computers? —— add those dates!

5. What equipment were you using and when?———–add that in as dates!

Okay, so I really want to thank WordPress again because of this model you have made that allows me to do this research.  It’s fantastic!

In that video I watched of Matt, he said, jokingly, he had five computers on him at all times!  I wish I had the link to it, but it showed he and his dad.  Maybe I watched two different ones — anyway…

This era of having “five computers on me” — let’s figure that out!

But let’s go back to family systems theory once again for a minute.  Those early family therapists in the 70’s or?  Used to sit behind this one way mirror made of glass and they observed the therapist in the room while they were helping a family?  So, nobody knew they were there?  Well, in a way I see you at WP and Mozilla like those guys.  Not that you are therapists, but that you are at higher levels in the web?

Let me tell you now about WordPress and why I came up with using this for a tx planner and why this will need some kind of business patent and why I want to associate it with my school in general.  In one word, Matt.  Nobel.

No kidding.

One of the things that is so great behind the scenes here is what I can see in the search “strings” — that may not be the proper word for that?  But what I mean is what people are searching for?  To give you an idea of that?  I now see searches for “emo heart” and other things I have written?  As I have been working out the plan.  So, semantics, cognition, and this huge field of images that were floating in the sea of the web?

Let’s look at the genogram again and start figuring that out that out. xxoo!


What I want to do with that ALCHEMY PROJECT  is do a kind of reverse Piaget?

Here is the thing on that.  By using Art and Narrative techniques in these WordPress blogs?  And the Clouds?

We will heal things!

Do you have any idea what geniuses you are — Code is Poetry generation?

Well, to me?

You are!


back later with more!

This is pretty much what it was like right before you were born!  In 1981.  In the video above — the computers at work.

So this would be where you can ask your dads about this era, or your moms.

* * *

just watched this — now what is really interesting to me about this is that it dates from 1969.  I was like 12 when somebody was dreaming this up?  You guys watch, because we are in such a mess right now with banksters and so forth!  This was somebody’s vision but?  Whose.  That is a big question mark.  You guys weren’t even born yet!  Geez.

All right, in 1975 when I was getting out of high school I read this incredible article in the paper about the city in the future.  In those days the Sunday section had almost a magazine inside it?  Of interesting articles to think about.  Anyway, this article was so impressive to me because it reminded me of a movie — so let’s watch this, and then see if you guys can get a copy of the next movie for another one of those pizza nights, or fab all over the world food nights you guys do! xxoo!

Here is that movie I want you to watch.  Really important! xxoo!

And then?  OMG.  This movie.  This movie was my fav when it came out.  At that time?  These were like sci-fi movies of the future?  Srsly.

You will love this, WordPress and Mozilla fabsters.  You will.  Ask your mom and dad if they remember this!


back laterz.

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