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Okay, I saw something yesterday that I want you to watch! xxoo!  This:

Let’s go back to the genogram again and look at that timeline, and also look at the cultural surround in that era.  Most people in 1969 would not have seen this coming?  We now have exactly what this video is about, except nobody has a job and so it didn’t work the way they planned.


Also, women in 1969 were not all like what you see above in that era?  At all.  I’m going to show you a film you could watch that will show you what it was really like back then?  For women.

Here is an accurate depiction of a woman in 1969.  The film Coming Home:

In order to research this further you could go here in the Wikipedia.

Okay, Mozilla and WordPress peeps.  My guess is that some of you were born in that era or you know people who were?  So, let’s take that genogram backwards and also explore those two men we looked at yesterday in terms of explaining twin systems and what has developed since — also the era of the 80’s into the 90’s.


This guy went one direction with his work, and the other guy went his way.

I read up on them last night and it is interesting to me because we were in High school in the same exact era and that era has a lot to do with 1969!  So let’s put those birthdates in the larger genogram and begin to start thinking about what happened! xxoo!


I am like their little sister, but, I have more education!  My education is in the Liberal Arts as well.  A whole different field.  The thing about these two guys?  They have been in constant competition since day one.  No kidding.  The news is sad about guy number one, because he has more “likeability” to a bunch of people.  For one thing?  Most have liked his products better!  Easier!

In my opinion, this guy is like them?  But he has a great heart!

In the 80’s I think it was guy number two above that was responsible for building a big part of that “spine” inside companies because of what I read about IBM.  You have no idea what a total drag it was having to learn all that stuff.  You really don’t.  Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up!

The Art Department people at the newspaper got to use this! xxoo!

They had total freedom in that department!

My department had to use something called a Camex Breeze?  I can’t even find a picture of it, but it looked like a big drafting table with a television attached to it?  And it had a pen instead of a mouse.  There was something called this — it was a computer looking tower that you touched the screen to get it to do things — like the way that the iPhone works a little?  Back then.  Except it was like one of those earlier VDT’s we looked at yesterday.

I worked for a total jerk.  All the guys were the age of those top two guys.  You have no idea!  Anyway, I digress.  The company I worked for was owned by the NYT at that time.  Anybody in the newspaper industry can talk about that era with you guys! xxoo!

I had a BA in Art?  So I loved fonts like Jobs did?  I loved that little tiny Apple the Art Dept. had!  It was fab!

WordPress and Mozilla fabsters!  Watch this and laugh — this gen is all the spine guys in their gen — just like this.

I have faith in your gen.  Believe me.  Way more than in them.  They are part of the gen who made bazillions and moved offshore during the 80’s cube-i-fication of the entire world.

My gen had to deal with them and now you are seeing what they are like as you read the news.  What they do not realize though?  Is what they spawned.  So, since I have total faith in WordPress, and I’m sure WP is linked maybe to Apple?  I’m sticking with what was more fun?  If that guy wants to fund this research he can be in on it.  But?  That is up to Matt, because I have total faith in him like you cannot believe.

One other thing?

What he built is FUN! xxoo!  It reminds me of that first little Apple — so beloved by artists everywhere.

Also?  In my opinion a huge difference between Matt’s gen, and the gen you see in the video above?


No kidding.

Okay, so — what we want to look at in the genogram is what has happened since that spine was being built?  Let me show you.

That CNN article I had a few posts back about empathy being lost and not being able to recognize facial expressions?  This is what Sardello predicted and that is what my research paper was about back in 1995! Hmmm.

Someplace back in this blog, I had a link to some research by Wolff, I think — I’ll have to go back but it was about the downloads this gen had been exposed to.  When I was in that writer’s list back in the early 2000’s, as a trained therapist the content of what some people were writing was very “out there” — so I began my research project at that time.  I had a website called that is no longer up but you can use the wayback machine and see my last page maybe?  I was designing it then?  So, I looked at things they were looking at?  OMG.  No kidding.  They saw things in the web that they should not have seen that were scary?  And now we are seeing what they have processed?

This news story — like the duct tape story imagery I linked to yesterday?

Matt, Moz peeps?

This is an example of the sociopathy I wrote about in 1995?

And Matt, this tx planner is going to fix that.  We have to design a program for Art and Narrative work for this generation and that is what I meant by doing a reverse Piaget.

On that note?  I’m going to play you a very old song! xxoo!

back laterz.

Because of WordPress I can build a model to treat, right here in the WEB!

You have no idea!

Yep -- this is them! -- and Matt is the nest generation I feel of Steve's side of things! xxoo!

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