Ecopsychology — Depth Psychology — research — cultural surround — genogram — timeline — imagery — Jung — collective unc

When we talk about cultural surround in the genogram we are talking about what atmosphere surrounds certain eras.  We can go back to the date 1986 as a starting point today.  I just saw something really interesting in terms of this video that you can watch here.

So let’s make a marker again for 1986 as a birthdate.


There were themes in the video above that relate hugely to a movie that came out once upon a time in terms of “Alien.”

So, what we might assess for is fear in the cultural surround with film and popular songs/lyrics of the era?

One thing we would want to understand from the tech “spine” angle is what kind of games are being played in this era forward that mesh with the above surround!  Easy!  So go watch that video above and then watch this one!

Without a doubt, the original film Alien was one of the scariest ever made.  I remember it well.  It was also a film that used incredible special effects as well.  I don’t think the public had ever seen anything like it?  As I looked at the first video, I saw what the collective unc in terms of Jung has made of similar imagery?  There is a space “alien” giving birth to a race in that video.

So, Thankfully we have the Wikipedia, because we can use that as a tool to help us look mere deeply into the surround of the era.

As I watched the first video, I am interested in the images — especially the skeleton faces ( as make-up).  These seem to relate to the concept I have seen around of Zombies.  The film Alien was made in 1979 so it predates the birthdate of this generation by about a decade.  This generation might have seen that on TV in childhood?  Here is the Wikipedia on the film “Alien.”

One of the screenwriters I know from the SB Writer’s conference I go to made this film below, how ironic!  But, what we are looking at is the cultural surround in terms of “fear causing” themes in an era!

Okay so, look at the imagery in the film above!  This is what I am talking about in terms of cultural surround and the deep collective unc that Jung has written about.  Let’s go back to this video of the “aquarium heads,”  I referenced earlier and look at the imagery and what the artist is saying!

I could not watch this, because it was so frightening to me?  But I’m going to give you the link so you can — this is on a genre that this generation would have been exposed to in the era on the genogram above.  From 1986 forward.

Can you imagine how scary those images looked to little kids who saw those?  I can.

So the way we use a genogram to explore the cultural surround of various eras is like this!

1910——————————————————1950——————————————————– –2011

Adding 1986 birthdate!


In this case, let’s look back into the era of the 70’s as a cultural surround for films.


What I am interested in is the rise of the diagnosis ADHD and potential connection to fear as a result of cultural surround in terms of movies.  Also, by the era 1986?  What is going on with the “spine” electronically?  If by 1995, I am shocked by what I see on the screens in Circuit City in terms of violence the day I buy my Performa?  What is the start date for that?  That is also how we look at cultural surround!

more research and back laterz, xxoo!

Also why I wrote Heart of Clouds! (as a therapist) — deep collective intervention — films as treatment plans!



My sense of all the texting and the need to be in constant communication we saw in the videos I showed a few days ago?  Has to do with fear in the collective unc.  Also the images I have reffed in terms of the EMO HEART?  Have to do with that as well.  We’ll look at some of that art again in a minute in terms of the skeleton motif and the heart.





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