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One of the reasons that I am designing this whole Alchemy Project as an intervention here in WordPress is because I see WP as a very safe container.  Let’s assume that we have a generation on our hands that lacks formal cognition skills in terms of Piaget’s child development model.  No problems…

What we can do is build a model that will address that, by assessing for cognition and logos.

As I have looked into the generation that does so much massive texting as a way of keeping in communication — I also see that as a safety thing going on?  And I see it as a way of opening a place for kids to have dialogues with each other in here at a safe distance?  Now, after thinking about cultural surround in that genogram yesterday?  I want to show you something I saw today when I was looking at videos on emoticons.  The adults who are more familiar with emoticons and how they were used in various eras along the genogram can chime in on this because the first time I ever saw one was in about 2002?  it was this: :-).  I didn’t know what that meant?  Really.  In fact I wrote a piece of satire around that mark, because it seemed hysterically funny to me at the time.  Actually, I just came back to the above paragraph because I had typed out this mark “:-)” and I see that I got a yellow smiley face instead above? — Hmmm.

So, in looking back at that CNN article referenced the other day let’s look at this video on language…

What language is being spoken?

If we look at the video below, and look at the genogram for the years 1986 forward as this technology has been developed?

What is the outcome?


What therapists might want to look at is “discomfort” in terms of having face to face dialogue?

When did that begin in culture along the genogram?

How has fear (given the cultural surround we discussed yesterday) in this era above along the genogram impacted communication between human beings?


A note on how one might begin to assess would be to use a thought bubble like this:

And then put the emoticon inside it!

Under the thought bubble you could find images in the web or make a collage and describe what that means to you?

How that would work in the Alchemy Project is that two people could link in the blog world and begin to dialogue ala Plato.

Blog was dyad in a sense.

I’m thinking metaphor may be lost on this generation proper.  If so?  Then that would have to be rebuilt, creatively.

More later…

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