Ecopsychology — Art — Symbolism — narrative — notes on cognition — self portraits

So, yesterday we talked about how to attach a thought bubble to a piece of art — and self-portraits.  We have been talking about a genogram as a timeline of the last 100 years around here, so, I want to show you how an EMO ARTIST made self portraits of himself just before our genogram starts in 1900.  It’s Vincent and you can read about him here. He was my favorite artist when I was thirteen — a long time ago.

Let me show you one of his self-portraits…

In the painting below he is showing an emotion.

One of the best things about using WordPress for this concept is that you can “grab” images from the web.  I think that might be very important in terms of cognition for people who need to show a symbol of something.

So, one thing you could do with THE ALCHEMY PROJECT is to grab an image that you want to write about because it expresses something that you want to say.

These two images above could be put with a thought bubble like the one we were talking about yesterday.

It’s a little like what you see in comic books?

The whole thing about artists is that they are filled with EMOTIONS.  Or EMO.  That is just the short way of saying it.  One of the things I noticed besides the broken heart is the stitching I have seen in the art.  I’m not sure what it means?  But you can see it if you look at this picture.

I have seen that a lot on the pictures of the hearts too?

We call that “symbolism” in art.  So, what does that mean?  That is where you can use a thought bubble to explain, by putting it in the picture next to your art.

What does it mean to have a sewn together heart?

A way to work with this would be to choose a heart picture, and then give it a thought bubble of its own.

What would go in the heart’s thought bubble was what the heart was trying to say?

I saw more pictures of emo crayons in the web today — do a search and you can see them too!

Also I looked at this picture. Just like the ones yesterday the artist is using a lot of symbolism —

In the era of Vincent above, artists only had paint to use, or various types of charcoal and pastels.  It was very different than now because there wasn’t any technology at all in his era.

One of his favorite things as a painter was to use color.  As much as he could?  What he would do was go outside and see all the color in the landscape.  He also liked to paint outside.

This is my favorite movie about the painter Vincent Van Gogh.

It’s pretty old, but this movie really expresses how an artist feels about things.  Also?  You can see so much emotion in that film.




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