Ecopsychology — Imagery — notes on diagnostics — depression and cognition — genogram

So, I want to talk a little about two things today in terms of the genogram timeline we have been talking about — and that is about Art and Time and what life is like along your personal genogram.

Here we go again with that genogram timeline!

Figure out your place on the timeline by putting your birthdate, and draw a heart around your date.


I’m just going to use a symbol in mine — this one: ❤ — because I know that stands for “heart” — which looks like this:


Wherever you are born along the genogram you grew up in a certain era, with you own cultural surround of things.  In the era when I grew up, technology didn’t really arrive in my life until I was 20 or so.

For you that may be different?

One of the things that the technology has done is make a zillion things available to people?  Like images.  My feeling is that some generations along the genogram timeline might have been exposed to a flood of images before they had cognition of what the images meant?

Also, technology allowed for a lot of special effects in movies?  And so the kinds of movies that I saw as a little kid didn’t have all that?

It’s important to understand what era each heart was born into?

Several themes have come up as I have looked at EMO ART — images.

The first is that most of the art is made on computers?  The second is that there is very little expression being shown because the faces look blank and all alike.  There was an artist in the 60’s who used to paint sad eyes too.  A lot of the time the eyes are crying, and sometimes you see the heads as if they are filled with butterflies or hearts.  If you scroll down you can see that.

My theory on ADHD is that, as people had more technology to deal with, their attention spans had to move more rapidly?  if you were a child in the era where you were being forced to adapt to the technology?  Is this where we seen an overall increase in the level of meds these kids are being prescribed?  Overall?

If we take the genogram back to an earlier era like 1970.


We did not have children on medications to the level we are seeing now.  At all.

There is another video to watch at this link showing a family system coping.

My additional thoughts along the genogram timeline.

We had talked about Autism as being one in 100 now as a statistic.  My thoughts on that require looking backwards into the genoram to the era of 1960 forward.

Questions for research would be what are the recreational drugs in use from 1960 forward in a three generation model?


Acid————————————————————-rave——————————————————–Outcome in children?


Prior to 1960 we did not have the same medications available to the general populace.

At any rate, Art and Narrative therapy can address what cognition is in any of these generations?

So, my model for use here, in terms of THE ALCHEMY PROJECT is a diagnostic tool that can be used with any population.

Because WordPress has the ability to “link” to images that are in the web as a whole?

Yesterday we looked at Van Gogh’s art.  If the client wanted to grab a picture to write a bit of narrative around it we could soon see what we are looking at?  Also, using the “clouds” that WordPress makes available on the blogs could help to sort out what language we are looking at as well.

Blog functions like a mirror in a sense?  Also, blog would allow “treatment circles” as “friendship circles.”




91 thoughts on “Ecopsychology — Imagery — notes on diagnostics — depression and cognition — genogram

  1. How the paranoia of the cold war and the number theory of paranoid schitzophrenic John Nash has formed our current world. Inotherwords. The current tesselator. Not such a beautiful mind.


    1. The Jspanese people. I admire them so much. No looting. They wait in long lines for a little container of water. My heart goes out to them. There are very brave souls at that nuclear plant. Very.

      I can’t tell you to not be afraid. I worry too. I’ve been worried about you because I knew you were afraid. From all I have read it appears that the nuclear core has not been exposed. But there Are so many doomers it is hard to be rational through the noise. If you can. Take a moment and focus on the stars. Take a deep breath. Many.


      1. Umm ok?

        Thought you meant. On the beach. Like with your paints and sand on the floor of your car.


  2. I watched. Well, I was born right when they had built all that. And I guess I have seen what lack of altruism in this country has created. Tragic circumstances in terms of what capitalism did to our country in terms of layoffs across the board. The only difference in the 50’s I guess were a handful of philanthropists.

    That would be a really interesting film to watch — the whole thing, so thanks for that link.

    I believe in capitalism, because that is what I know. What I don’t believe in is what companies have done here. Evil. Pure evil.

    It would have been better if leaders had cared about here, first. Frankly I don’t think any of them do, Song. I really don’t.

    Some game, game theory. What a joke on Americans.


    1. Oh you must watch it. It is several episodes. Here:

      pure evil what the bankers are doing too. I am incensed. And? You know I don’t get angry often.

      Yes. Numbers. Game theory. This documentary tells how it affected psychology-politics-it permeated our culture. Corporations.

      No humanity. Numbers. You might be surprised to know that I consider mathematics to be an inferior language.



    2. I don’t know what financial system I believe in? Definitely not centralized banks. Bankers aren’t into democracy or republics.


    1. Song. Nothing could be this bad. And, they knew what they built in the 40’s, and they knew what could happen. So scared I want to scream over what is happening in Japan, but no sound comes out. Uppity’s is where I will go. Dunno. Also? That Scribd deal seems to work and you can sell a book there so maybe I will put Heart of Clouds in there? Trying to think how to do it so it is for sale, but also because if we are all going to die I will have written something beautiful for the world. I know I did. I know I did.


  3. Get potassium iodide or kelp. I am going to get some today. Yes you create beautiful. You will create more. You will. I don’t know all the facts yet so I need to go and read more articles that offer some unskewed facts. If I can find any now.


  4. Oh geez Adrienne. I am reading worst case scenarios AND science stuff. So far it appears that the main containment domes have not been breached. Satellite photos. But reactor 3 was working with a more toxic mixture. Chernobyl didn’t have a second containment dome. What I am looking for is a breach of that. People are leaving Tokyo per Zerohedge. I hate the comments there. Some real asshats. But a few are informed. Some. But few. I look for reason in chaos. What else is there? Not speculation.


  5. Forgive me here. Well don’t. I just get very calm in times like these because I must hold my mind and heart centered. I saved a diabetic’s life once because of this. And my grandfather too when he was choking at the dinnertable. Hold on Adrienne. You have a strong heart and mind.

    I love you. Be tough.


  6. Ok. But containment of the rods still is holding. So they say. The problem is people don’t trust governments anymore. Or corporations. Just a fact. What is the agenda of the game theorists?

    Think about it. Fear. Fear allows malleability. For what purpose. What intent? What is truth.


    1. there is some kind of fuel in the 3rd reactor called mox that is different & also plutonium — what I read was that well, basically on the beach scenario? for all — except those who are already hiding in their custom bunkers….




      1. Oh but life will be so dull and difficult when they emerge from their custom bunkers. They might have to lift a stone or two having eradicated the serfs. Hopefully that will buy us some time. While we figure out how to overthrow their reprobate asses.



  7. I don’t put any credence to uneducated yahoos. My own uneducatedness included. So far according to what appears to be undoctored photos the msin container has not been breached. Did I buy kelp and potassium iodide? Yes.

    Expecting the best preparing for the worst. A lot of people in Japan have already died. They are not hysterical.

    Americans tend towad irrational fear. What are the facts. The facts.

    Not the notions. Not emotions.

    Mind and heart. Mind and heart.


  8. Btw. I needed the potassium iodide – kelp anyway. There’s a nuclear plant 30 miles from Phx. So?

    Mechanical things break and Laws of thermodynamics and such.

    (friown lines)


  9. On the family front. My oldest nephew deploys to war next week. I am sick about it Adrienne. I texted him just a few minutes ago to tell him I love him. Tears. Just tears.


    1. Song, if you could see my facebook, you would see that I dedicated Heart of Clouds to WHD, and to you. I’m going to upload it into Scribd, so you can read it. xxoo! from me. I meant to do that all along, you know? I was going to hand it to you in print like that, but? Oh well. Hugs, you.

      It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.
      Antoine de Saint-Exupery

      Read more:


    1. I was looking at the news, and didn’t put first chapter yet. It’s kind of a complicated thing where you make the document and then upload a pdf into Scribd? I want to put the dedication page and get it all right? So diff….
      News is bad. Scared, and my heart goes out to Japan and the whole rest of the world.


  10. After reading this earlier.

    All I could say was your name.


    the news is bad. Very. The information is confusing. I have read everything I could.
    I think the simple answer is that man cannot
    control his inventions. Yep. If extreme probabilities are not taken into account we hear the words “uncharted territory” which is to put it simply–right brain thinking.

    Right brain thinking needed in a left brain world.

    I find some of these experts with their nitsy brains cumbersome in their thinking. They seem dull. Obviously they are. Dull. Or we wouldn’t be here viewing ineptitude and nearsightedness.

    The Gulf. Now this.

    “uncharted territory”

    what is uncharted is respect for the laws of nature. And a world built by unnatural science.


  11. Oh Adrienne. It is so beautiful. This book. The minute I begin to read it. I feel the depth and timeliness of it. And I had to leave my iPhone for awhile. Just to cry. Here come the tears again. Geez. I have been elevated to tears. Like the rain. Old and young tears. Ancient and new.


  12. The font is perfect. Perfect. Perfect. I have to go to technical-land. Leftbrainville. Page 3. Do you mean adepression as one word? I can see it that way. Was that your intent.

    Lord. You asked me to proofread on such a day as this. I have gathered myself now. But who knows for how long……..


    1. Well, I didn’t get the edited version back!!!!!!! Drat. So, proceeding, and hoping lots of people like it and then maybe I can get that agent I like………damn why is everything so hard……….god can’t take it much longer. Thank you Song!!!!!!!!! and please share it around to your friends to see what they think? xxoo! thank you mucho, for everything, always, and your guidance through that month at Nano and the patient listening and even now looking at typos! hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the font too! body is Times Roman and the other is Hoefler…


      1. You are going to get that agent. And the font is really? Perfect. Easy to read even on my iPhone. Yes. You are going to get that agent.


      2. ❤ Song-a-roo! Thank you for helping me have *huge* feelings of big confidence which in this arena is not that easy, yet. xxoo! Thank you so much! I like the way it looks too, all typeset….hahahahahahaha! geez —— my old job was graphic design, once upon a time & I like the cover too — I took that pic at Summerland that was a magic cloud and when I was setting the type for the title I saw two hearts in it. A big one and a little one…….but the big one is really fab. You know when I wrote this it was before this hideous catastrophe we are having right now? But maybe the themes in this book will do some good for some people…….Song thank you. (for what you said)


      3. Confidence. You are just too sensitive and aware to be confident. Doubleedged sword. You wouldn’t be the writer youare if you were brimming with confidence.

        BUT!!!!!!!! It wouldn’t hurt to give yourself SOME eensy teensy credit. You got it in ya doncha know.

        I love the cover. I LOVE the light melting in the Ocean. Sheer magic. Like an entrance.


      4. thank you — I had different cloud pictures but that one just seemed to be the right one to me, dunno! The light is the sun, it was behind the cloud and you can just make that out — it was one of those days where the clouds were just racing, and that one was just there — a day I also caught the faintest little rainbow, too. I’m so scared Song, something good has to happen. I hope it can. It has to. Thank you so much for what you have said.


  13. ps: what I meant is if you stumble over something glaring? xxoo! not have to proofread hopefully it is okay pretty much……….I hope? xxoo! Irt would be glaring punctuation and capitalization drat it all!


  14. I just heard that they might get electricity to the plant. Then they can run the pumps. Dunno.

    Maybe that is good news. Maybe.


    1. Whew, you know? — panic the whole world with the flood of news stories and then? Dunno. My nerves have been on edge since the tragedy. I think it comes from learning the history of the atom bomb as a child, or it might even be more deep-seated than that? Back to LBJ and Cold War years of my earliest childhood. Can’t stand nuclear anything. I really can’t. It’s like Horror to me? Really. So scary. The tsunami is too, but, to me the other is worse.


      1. Were you part of the duck and cover sh_t? I was. God I remember thinking at six years okd how stupid it was. But I covered my little head. I had no faith in the adults. I mean it was obvious that ducking and covering wouldn’t help?



      2. Yeah I was — vivid memories, and then in college seeing the history? And reading the Japanese novelists like Abe and Mishima — seeing some films as well. Duck and cover was huge.


  15. Yeah. LBJ and the atom bomb. That freak escalated Viet Nam.
    My cousin died there. Once the game theorists took over. It’s been all downhill.

    It is hard to tell at the moment what is really going on.


    1. I can’t even look because my nerves are so glassine right now. I’m serious. Solid fear, from deep childhood. The way they are presenting the news is nothing like the way a Cronkite would either — no calm, just escalation — after tragedy and horror. Unreal. It really is.


    2. I had never heard of the game theory Song, but, my god — it makes so much sense — after you showed me that film. But? My research? They do not know what they have done to the human soul in those kids that have been overmedicated. Omg. My book is for them? It is. I looked at it again! I love the way it looks! Actually I really love it? What it is, is an allegory? I think so.


      1. You need to see those videos. I mean it. You won’t be afraid because you will see clearly what happened. And you will know even more why books like yours?

        Are vital. Vital.


      2. I’m so glad you are here tonight, no kidding — this week. Hell week or something. I watched the middle documentary all the way through — the one one the robots? Whew. Yep.


      3. Okay, to sleep & tomorrow upload next chap. — in case it is the end of all we know soon… I will at least leave it as a record of what was “love” in terms of humanism.
        Exhausted. Happy St. Patricks. He is a guardian who drove out the snakes. A patron saint. Deep childhood. Also? Heart of Clouds, Song. It is a Christian allegory. But that is the Catholic tradition as well. The things in it go back to age 5 for me, or so? The goodness in it. To get to the crux of the novel is very difficult, but once past that? All is well. Morality tales. My forte. I hope you will be back tomorrow! xxoo! me


  16. Oh btw. Tonight lots of investment money leaving Japan. Today Italy bans their food. France pulls out everyone. Lufthanse won’t fly there. The USS Reagan over 200 miles out to sea.

    So. What does that say about the touchy feely globalists? Hmmm.

    I detect. Hypocrisy.


  17. Yes I am here. I can’t tell truth from fear mongering at the moment. You can be sure the Rand theorists are working overtime. I just wonder what numbers they are running. Right now? The UN voted in a no fly zone. It isn’t always the hand you see.

    Don’t be afraid. Watching the media is a bit like being a piece of bread in John Nash’s stomach. The world is skewed to present a view they want us to see.

    What is truth.


    1. You know why they are getting away with this kind of presentation? The gen on meds is dulled to the point they can’t feel. Tragic. They are so numb they need the stimulus as if it is a reality show. I even saw a news story presented that way by a journalist (female) I used to have a lot of respect for. No more. She was in the flooded part peering in the houses and looking at the cups and shoes in the wreckage and asking the Japanese people who were looking for survivors questions that turned my stomach. Can’t even look. Too terrible.


  18. Well you see game theory entered the field of American psychiatry. Hence all the ADD and LMNOP stuff. Then pharma as people began to self diagnose. Then because negative freedom did not make for happy persons. Meds. Just so they could “function”. Just so they could fit. RD Laing also bought into game theory. Then Americsn economists. Then….

    Go to Youtube. Search. “The trap fuck you brother.”. Watch all six.

    There r 18 btw.


    1. 18. Wow. That will take a bit of time…but, worth it. You have no idea, well, yes you do — how that dovetails my thesis about the tragic things I have seen in the art I’ve looked at: re:emo. I am so glad we met. Whew. All you have to say on this…


      1. Yes 18. I watched them all. I needed to find the tesselator. The originator of our modern malaise. The way the world is built there Is ALWAYS an originator. Always. Nash was one sick puppy. You see Adrienne mathematics is merely a tool for the left brain. It is limited. And if the creator of an equation is sick. The truth of the equation merely reflects the mind of that person. There is no universality there. Merely manipulation of numbers.

        And yes. It dies tie into your work. You must at least watch the


      2. My computer broke. It DOES tie into your work. You have an intuitive mind. You knew the problem was/is generational. How right you are!!!


  19. Heart of Clouds. A Christian allegory. In every sense Yes…the true meaning of Christ as Love upon this earth. This is what the sacred enfolds and reveals. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!


    I’ve been up studying the markets. I will be back tomorrow.

    Goodnight. Magdalene. First Apostle of the ❤


    1. Oh I didn’t know what you meant! It was just this comment who is gladdest? Oh I miss my mother today — she was so Irish you would not believe it — I ID with that part of my family the most, too. That and the French from my real dad. Mostly the Irish though. Especially today.


      1. It always hard to find the words when you are sad and you miss your mother. Did she celebrate St. Patrick’s day?
        I bet she dud.


  20. I looked so hard for the right song today to share back to you. I thought of Finian’s Rainbow.

    Look to the Rainbow. But all the versions. Just didn’t cut it.


  21. Well I listened to jigs too. And pennywhistle. I love jigs. They make me want to dance. They make me forget for a moment.


  22. I’ve been very preoccupied for much of the day. And down. Very. Except while listening to music. But lately I feel internally like Brahms Violin Concerto 2nd movement corresponds. It plays in my head. Like when I am cleaning or something. Wierd. I know.


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