My second novel, about growing up feminine and feminist in the 70’s — read over at Scribd!

I’m posting chapters of the novel I have been writing off and on about what it was like to be a teenage girl in the 1970’s in America.  In a way it is a coming of age tale, with the kinds of experiences my friends and I went through.  It’s called “whitegirrrl” and one of the reasons I’ve been writing it is that I think there is this huge gap in contemporary feminism.

Here is the cover I made up:

It’s a neglected segment because although we grew up in the era just post Roe nobody has really ever talked about what happened in my generation yet — to girls.

What the novel explores is how to navigate experiences in a way that was “feminist” while still being a woman.

It’s amazing over at Scribd.  Really.  Here is a link to my novel.

I’ve written it as very fragmentary, as the era was.  So, the content is non-linear.  I want the reader to be able to form a portrait of a generation of white girls and the sorts of things that happened to them as they were coming of age and crossing that threshold.  It also has deeper themes, and sometimes it’s like pulling teeth writing them.

But, I want to write a heterosexual feminism so that girls can see, so I expect it is the Fourth Wave feminist I’m writing for.

Here is a film that shows the backdrop for my generation:

The wildness of the 1960’s was all around us in the 70’s as we were growing up.

The novel addresses how that was navigated by myself and others, and in some ways it is a story of my generation of girls — the girls who navigated the shoals and went to college?

The girls who grew up to be strong in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

I’d love your comments, and you can do that in Scribd!



ps: As I was loading it into Scribd it occurred to me that, I’ve written it like a patchwork quilt?  We loved those in that era — and so I want the stories to unfold as vignettes — like looking at different patches of time, in a sense.

8 thoughts on “My second novel, about growing up feminine and feminist in the 70’s — read over at Scribd!

  1. I view Whitegirrl” as the psychological process fragmented by psychic pain/ psychological-physical-spiritual violation of your self-being.
    Heart of Clouds is the integrated process of self-essence expressing the reunification with the lifeforce-lifestream. An ephiphany that says ” I Am Alive”

    there is so much death that writers perpetrate much like the numbers theory they unwittingly live under believing their expression is “free” and “true”. They need to watch “the trap”

    Only those who express beauty have escaped the paradigm at some level.

    You, Adrienne. Are one step out of hell. Nearer than inches to heaven.

    Deep bow,


    1. Actually? Whitegirrrl is true? It’s a true story. OMG I am so glad to see you again, Song. Out of my mind with fear given events in Japan plus other nukes. I’m serious — have followed for 2 days straight. God.

      Heart of Clouds was for kids.
      Whitegirrrl is a feminist novel from real life.


      1. I think She has said it all.

        I was being too analytical. But Heart of Clouds isn’t just for kids.

        You made a world. You did from your life too. But you created it. Whitegirrl. You lived. Oh I know. Sometimes I feel so sad when I read it.

        You know that. Don’t forget ok?


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