My book Heart of Clouds, themes in…

It’s a little like this picture?

I have loved Saint Francis since I was a very little girl.

I think Heart of Clouds has to do with that love.

My novel is going into Scribd, one chapter a day, while the world goes through yet another crisis.

I hope that reading the novel can take your mind off things that are too horrible to even think about.

Anyway, here is some spiritual stuff, because I feel really scared for the world.  I do.  In my whole lifetime I never felt that things were so awful until now.  No time has ever been like this, with the chance of the nuclear situation possibly causing an On the Beach scenario.  I don’t have any iodide pills.  If the world is going out, then, I wouldn’t want to live in the kind of world that was left.

My generation wanted PEACE, and we didn’t believe in nuclear power, because of the dangers of it.

I think I put my whole heart into the novel, I really do.  Here is the cover again:

I got that picture on a lucky day at the beach here.

As I was designing it, I saw three shapes in the cloud that I hadn’t seen when I made the photograph.  Two are hearts and one is Tut, the magic sea turtle you will be meeting if you follow the read in Scribd.

It’s the best thing I can do right now.  I’m so effing scared I can’t even see straight and it’s for the whole world, not just California.

Prayers are in order, to the angels and saints, I feel.

Only man creates things like war, or nuclear.

Angels and saints do not.

The world we live in is at an ebb of evil.

I hope that it can save itself, from itself.

In the meantime, some chants:

42 thoughts on “My book Heart of Clouds, themes in…

  1. Yes you poured your heart into Heart of Clouds. But you have a big heart –so Seaheart waits to be born.

    This day has been such a hard one but I feel I must share with you a song I used to sing–written by monks–from New Engkand. I used to sing it all the time.

    “soon it will be morning
    and all our anguish will be transformed
    as the promise of a new day
    becomes for us
    a song we’ve always known

    shadows of the past
    no longer linger
    our fears have fled
    for we are free
    at last to be ourselves again

    and we shall live forever

    now I know for certain
    that what is deepest within
    our spirits
    is the gift to be a lover
    this is the meaning of a human heart

    will you have the courage
    to look for fullness and even peace
    our truth is born
    each moment as we let our hopes
    become a lived reality

    Thank you for being you


    1. Very nice lyrics. I hope you will sing that again, because needed now? It reminds me a bit of Thomas Moore in a way — his thoughts — I feel really scared we are in WW3 pretty soon, after today. God. Poor Japan. I wish there was something I could do. I do.


  2. Yes. Very nice lyrics.

    Well I sincerely doubt this will lead to WW3. Basically these small nation states are being destabilized. On purpose. Ghadaffi made the fatal error of doing business with the Chinese.


  3. Private comment.

    Chapter 4 page 4

    I wish my dad was here. (italics)?

    Page 5

    the sentence about Honeygarten with the word kind in it. You’ll find it. I can’t open windows on my cell phone.


    oh and most important. Beautiful gentle wonderful heartwarming sad whimsical deep
    delicate powerful poetic spiritual story!!


  4. Oh man. I didn’t want you to post my corrections. I mean. That was private. Small stuff. The bottom half. Well yes. So go into comments and clean that up. M’kay? Thx.


    1. I’m really low Song. No kidding. So, I do care about the book and that is why I am putting it. I can’t do this anymore? So, the last decade has been too much loss, and there is nothing. It’s like I’ve been erased? Can’t explain, and I know you will say something like look at Japan, because this is how I always thought in the past. Others first. I’m not a person who complains? I’m not. But, emotionally I am very low. I was when we met? But two years later it is worse, and the outer horror in the world is making it worse, too.

      Game theory applies i suppose to my era at the paper, or later at the agencies where they used up my soul. My family is gone, my brother far away. It’s like that, okay? Really. Your friendship has meant a lot. I married game theory. I have nothing? Not even children. So, it’s out of energy for me — no kidding.


    1. Song, this might help? After you read the novel, if you really love it? In twitter this publisher found me? But, if you really love my book would you write from your heart to them? When you have read the whole thing. It would mean everything to me, no kidding. Once again, another disaster to be taken care of around here — it’s always about someone else and what they need. I don’t even know when I have eaten last. I don’t. Effing horror, and I am so sick of it. Sick to my heart, sick to my stomach, sick of the game theory bs. Here is the link, for after? I like what they are about, a lot, and there was a really auspicious sign on the front page too. As in huge………. when I was writing that book, it was the sort of things you said back in Nov of ’09……. those things matter very much to a writer? No kidding.

      from me.


  5. I have bookmarked the link and will begin. I will wait to send it per your instructions. After it’s scribd. And I can link them there if you want.


  6. Well I heard this definition of luck once and never forgot it.

    luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.

    So you’re prepared. Just looking for opportunity.


    1. Song i hope you got some sleep, OMG. When you need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I sell that book I’m coming out and taking you and I out to New Mex to the mud spa Ojo Caliente for like 2 weeks. Today is a kind of turning point in my psyche, no kidding. Sleep! and you take care of YOURSELF because being a caretaker is the hardest thing in the world.


      1. I am so glad for your turning point. You are right about caretaker. Yup. Don’t want to talk about it though.

        I’m pretty set on a hotdog at the beach! No kidding.


      2. You will adore that guy o’ the hotdog stand. A gem. He is. Have to sleep myself, and didn’t do a chap today because crisis around here, but manana plan 2. Song, sleep well. You will understand the interventions so easily. I will blog all that.


    2. don’t worry about that letter when you need SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPP 1st! xxoo!

      ps: I think I will start to blog about the Cliniical things I did as a psychotherapist in that novel? You will be really impressed with that when I tell you, but I don’t want to spoil the read for you? As just a simple little book! xxoo! I put so much in that omg………………… kept saying I was a genius, well, what I did was genius level intervention and I will give myself credit on that one, bigtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxoo!


      1. I hope you do write about the interventions genius. I don’t think of your book as a simple little book any more than I think of kinderszenen as a simple little musical piece.


  7. I read 5 and 6 today. For some reason when I googked 5 it didn’t show up? Or I didn’t see it on my phone. I do liove this little book as you call it.
    I know I have used a lot of adjectives to describe it but really each chapter? I look forward to reading it. I really do. Feeling how you described Devlin grasping for words. And how she made that paper airplane. How he envisions and talks to his mother. Teenie and the feather.

    Her sweet poem.


    1. Thank you. It has a few errors, like those that you found? And a place where there is too much white space drat, but, I’m just going forward anyway because tired. It has some readers? I think they are following! in there. Tired, and not looking at the news. Trying not to.


  8. Yes I noticed the readers too.!!! Ddn’t notice the errors. Maybe spacing but things are small on this phone!. Trying not to watch the news here too.


  9. Saw your 999 post. Most auspicious number. 999. Surprised me in a way that you brought it up actually. Nine has many interesting properties. For instance it’s multiples when added together equal nine

    so 9(2)=18. 1 8 = 9
    9(3)=27. 2 7 = 9
    9(4)=36. 3 6 = 9

    and so on.

    The number 9 is important in the ancient enneagram along with 7 and 3. It was said that some ancients found the secret of perpetual motion. Modern day teachings of the enneagram never caught my interest. I studied it alone. Then iof course Uri Geller taught about a group called the Nines.
    He channeled them.
    Guess because he wasn’t one.


    Liz Taylor gone. Those were the days. Shell be missed but not forgotten.


    1. Getting the 999 twice is huge! Numerology and number symbolism. OMG. Oh, the most wonderful actress — but, she’s with Burton now, forever. I grew up on her films. Sandpiper, Maggie the Cat and Virginia are most her, I think. What roles. Whew. you asked me about horses well? National Velvet!


  10. 999 is even more interesting than 9. I looked up some properties of it and had forgotten something very interesting that pertains to you. Good. Very.


      1. Nope. Just something really wonderful about You that your posting of 999 brought to my consciousness. Of course it is a bit mind blowing to me but that’s good. I need that to happen once in awhile. Not much surprises me.


      2. In numerology 3 is a trine — a very strong sructure. 3 x 3 = 9 and there are 6 of those? 3 in both places! Well, that was yesterday. It ended on a great note in some ways. Really. Anyway that number also looks like it has a lot of symbolism attached from other areas, too. Biblical.


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