Hope, light, agony, fear…

The four things seem to be all mixed together for me this year.  I think I symbolized these things in this little picture I took yesterday.

When I had my yoga practice really going I once experienced this light energy.

I don’t want to have left this realm without leaving something good behind from when I was alive.  All my education, all the things I’ve done in my life seem wasted in some ways.

It’s that dark.

In my whole life fear wasn’t really a part I had to live until now.  I was usually in the position of having to be very strong for others.  Maybe that is what kept me going.

I’m almost out of energy.  It’s as if the battery has run too low.

Hope is about my book, Heart of Clouds.

Light is what it will bring, for readers.

If I can find a publisher for it, I will be very happy.

Watching this helps, a little…

These people at Children of the Sun have a video up on the Hopi Prophecy today, so beautiful.  Heart of Clouds has synchronicity with their concept of the Platinum Ray.  I understand that on a very high metaphysical level as it manifests prior to 2012 and the energy grid of light as you will see in the video from the Hopi.

2 thoughts on “Hope, light, agony, fear…

  1. Well you. You. The game theory players burped from the belly of the paranoid equations of the unbeautiful mind? They fear you. Fear you. You might grab their wussy brains and say otherwise. You might rise up again and again to declare life. You might say. Love. And love again.

    You . You are here. You have borne witness to their ugly. You. You turned away. You chose to believe otherwise. You are a warrior goddess.

    Be steeled. Do not back down. Horse and butterfly.

    Horse and butterfly.


  2. You will find a publisher. You will.

    Don’t believe in the ball-less warmongers. Life takes courage. True courage. True courage is all about living. You know

    You always have.


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