Something sweetly poetic for April!

With so much bad stuff going on in the world, look at this!

One of my favorite poets is Izumi Shikibu.  I have the book “The Ink Dark Moon.”

One of the reasons I need a literary agent is because in order to quote from another’s writing, as I did in the tripartite piece called Haiku, the third part which no one has seen yet — I quoted from one of her poems.  You need permission from the publisher if you are going to add a tiny haiku of someone else’s…

Here is the first part of Haiku!

It seems to me that when I wrote “Kodo” which followed “Ikebana” that you can read at CS as well, I wanted to put one of hers?  I’d have to go back to my old computer and see.  Sometimes I think I am the most disorganized writer on earth — what I need is a space where I can be organized.

Anyway, get The Ink Dark Moon, if you want to really read some fab haiku from a woman.

You can sign up at Knopf, and get a poem a day delivered to your email, free — because April is Poetry Month.



42 thoughts on “Something sweetly poetic for April!

  1. A lot of your writing has a psychological component. There is substance behind it. Mind matter between your ears and heart spirit flowing from your pen. I like you. I think that matters more than just about anything. You are intrinsically loveable.

    Sometimes I wish just for a long conversation with you. It would never end though.


    1. FaB THINGS ARE HAPPENING! they are! thank you for saying I am intrinsically likeable, loveable good! xxoo! missed you! things are picking up in good ways in FB and wait till you see who I know. No kidding. be in FB Song. you will like.


  2. Facebook huh? Hmmm.
    Well whatever it is or whoever you know? Glad. Very glad. Things are happening.
    Your writing….like a fine Japanese woodblock print sometimes. I think I told you that once. I think.
    Miss you too. War week here. My nephew deployed on a ship to Libya.
    I have been well… Dealing with MUCH. Finally a moment to connect with you.

    Loveable. That’s what I wrote. Mean it.


    1. Oh. Nephew. Come and hang out and talk when you need to? I’ll check back. FB is my real self, now? For all my writing. Am connected to poets and writers in real life now! The ones from the conf, and the ones online where I have been published. Whew. It just feels like it all congealed into reality? Thank heavens. From now on on my blog it’s me! But my ID has been my nom de plumes? Diff to integrate all of it? But I have!


  3. I am glad you have made the transition and connected with your population
    I’m glad I met you here too. No more worries now.


      1. Oh geez. We did meet so the question is moot. You need someone who understands how highly particularized you and your talents are. I was in the neighborhood. You need to be worried about too. I am a professional here.
        Someday facebook maybe. I sincerely doubt I would have much to say to your friends? You have been the exception. I wanted to talk to you.
        Usually. No.


      2. Not because I am not friendly. I live in a world of my own. Long before I met you I knew of you in a dream. I dreamed about you many years ago. Very spiritual dream so of course I never forgot it. Life is so kind and good that way. Seriously.


      1. This is hopeful news and well deserved. You know how much faith I have in you. You need that. Not unrecognitional blind faith but perceptive awareness faith. That’s the faith I have in you. I admire you Adrienne.


    1. ps I went for a tutorial reading astro today because of june and this jupiter pluto trine upcoming I hope it will be a good thing and solve things? I do. She said that my moon expresses the feelings but on paper? Yes. That is why you feel what i am saying? In real life I never show feelings but I can on the page? I show feelings alone unless humor maybe/ dunno. Anyway, whew is it hot like 85! scorcher!


      1. I don’t pay much attention to the stars Adrienne but I have always been fascinated that you do. The reason I feel your writing is because you feel it. Simple really. Yes I read between the lines but that is just me. People talk. I often hear what they don’t say. You often enter my mind. I feel our connection. I know when you are there.

        Your writing has an elegance about it. Shibui. I think that is the Japanese word for “just enough”.


  4. Forgive my lateness in response. Up all night caring for my dying dog now too and my mother who often thinks I am her deceased sister.


      1. Yes. I thought of you last night as I pet him. I thought of you and your dog. how sad you were. And later I just crumbled in a mass of tears. But I knew I had to gather myself. So I did.


  5. This thought entered my mind a few days ago. I was thinking of you.

    As we partake of the feast the angels spread before us are we aware of what we didn’t do to be at the sacred round table? For love is Not only about who we are.  But who we are intended to become


      1. Yes. Intended to become.


        I think my comments are out of order. I do hope you will tell me someday about what Vakdez said. About karma. You never told me that you knew before I did. Why am I not surprised and surprised all at once?

        Oh yes. Also I have been reading Heart of Clouds! I love that book. It is clearly a book for all. But particularly “NF’s”


  6. Your poetry. I have to read it more than once. Always. It makes me think? Somewhat cryptic. Sometimes.

    Like you

    Musician friends? You will bring me out of retirement. I daressy. Only you could.


    1. things are looking up this am because i have the most fab person ever handling things. And I will be able to pay you back that 5 with interest plus have a guest room maybe here? it’s not my pref style but it makes a good fort and boy guest house for media types until I get that fab one on Ortega Ridge — I am so clueless at times omg. I am. But, the most fab man in the world makes me feel at ease. We talked forever last night in FB.
      I think I just have to say what I want at this point and it isn’t much but, I’m so tired. Hope you are goig to be okay with your dog omg that poem is a play on words?

      that is a psych test that dates from ages ago? roar shack is a play on words — P is a therapist in town that is an old client 98 who had never drawn because her hands were slapped by nuns. In my care and in group she was able to so true story I bet she has passed on now I think I will do homages to those clients this month dunno
      a poem a day


      1. First. Forget the 5. And interest? Geez. Not in my religion at all. Be wise. Then. Not clueless.
        I knew about your play on words? Obviously not the client part. Quite a story there.


      2. guess what? I’m getting a place in AZ? I picked it out this morning? It belongs to a friend and I can let my mom’s old friend marjanna stay there? Very old friend anyway see lucky! xxoo! yes, I was a therapist and there is nothing I haven’t heard and now I can cure on film, by writing — who effing knew? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! just like my uncle spence I have his heart


      3. be in FB as real self R so we can put your music? you can see my little bro? really! we can check in each day! xxoo! click on that fb front page of me and it will show you how but be yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxoo!


  7. beautiful. Really.

    I looked for just the right music in reply but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I believe I will have to write it. Then someday you will hear what your friendship means to me.


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