Ecopsychology — Depth Psychology — language, emoticons, silence — thought bubbles as cognition — emoticons as reduced language — *tx planner notes Book of Hearts — intervention

This morning my friend Uppity had a piece up about what is going on with the bullying in schools.  My research project is addressing this.  Here is the video she had up this morning:

“Words are Worse than Sticks and Stones”

My grandmother used to say that to me, when I was the age of the girl in this video.

Here is how it goes:

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Why I am designing this in WP, is because WP lets people let “words” out.

Here is a video on what is happening with language in terms of all the texting.

I want you to look at the language (universal) that is being designed?  You can see that in the comments left on the blog.  This is almost like heiroglyphics on some levels?

So some pages back I had a vid up from Ted and we saw the evolution of language as code?

My sense about all the emo cutting is that the words are trapped inside?

That is what THE ALCHEMY PROJECT is for!  WordPress allows for translation so anybody can make a blog and use the google translators if they want to “say” something in a more expanded version of language!

Also, I want you to know that my book in Scribd is about being a teen.

Once upon a time I was one?  You can go read HEART OF CLOUDS in — because I am putting it in there.  It’s about kids just like you.  Kids that have emotions, or EMO in their hearts and souls!



back laterz.


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