petite etoile — a tiny poem

which sea?

the one above

or the one below?


we fell drowning, carrying crosses

washed to an unseen shore

bathed in surf


you said I can’t trust you either

that much burn

can’t even touch


they told us these were solar winds

lux luciferum the winken blinken and nod of it


you rise in the morning on fresh sheets

you were safe all along

or maybe saved

the grace of that


(to be totally rewritten most I can muster)

this is a good one from Kate, explains so much about what we have gone through?

I know it is hard to have to know all this but men have also gone through so much too, in our generation and so only if we write it as it was, the all in all of that, the whole of that?

anyway that was why I gave you the rumi, all I had to do was take one look at who you were.

CS Lewis = Rumi in certain circles.  Like ours.



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