starfloat — a tiny poem

A sea of blossoms by the Swedish artist Mona Bardhan


a sea of stars


gladdest heart



along a limb

remembered seasons









starfloat – en liten dikt



ett hav av stjärnor


gladdest hjärta



längs en ​​del

mindes säsonger



Ett hav av blommor av den svenska konstnären Mona Bardhan

I can barely do justice to an image like this one, this morning — so let me show you a poet with an economy of words!

William Carlos Williams


55 thoughts on “starfloat — a tiny poem

    1. so beautiful weeping heart of clouds two more chaps in Scribd, Love you song. Please go in FB and my poet friends and my brother can meet you and teach you how they load their music in? streaming you live wouldbe like with you just did with this? and what you always did, song? Always? ❤ too moved now too flooded. Hugs to you, and love, adrienne


  1. Your poem is lovely. Sorry to say I don’t get the WCW? What is so great about it? I mean I read it and I am staring at it? Looking hard for what you mean. I just see a chicken?


    1. Imagine the poet WCW was looking out his window and that is what he saw? In FB posting poetry challenges for fun all month? So yesterdays was writing just a few lines to something — not even forms? or haiku? just lines! Be in FB and you can join the fun! xxoo!


  2. Ok. So I think about it a little longer and this poem by Ezra Pound comes to mind. Just so you don’t think I am ignorantly recalcitrant.

    In A Station in the Metro

    THE apparition of these faces in the crowd;  
    Petals on a wet, black bough.  


  3. Your poem is like a chord. The words are interchangeable. I was noticing that. Moving the words here and there. Like the notes of a chord. Actually quite wonderful. Did you plan it that way?


    1. no. but that is so neat that you think chord on that? I am making a sound? so — so sound of the words? and then deciding how it sounds? hard to explain, also underlying meaning? dunno.
      ps: sent manuscript for “gardenias” down to editor, J. yep. I did. hopefully things will be looking up tres soon. hugs you


    1. Exquisite as always. Tomorrow I will share these in my FB, and I am going to say song did them at my blog! xxoo! see that? There is a woman called Mona who has befriended me and you must meet her? From Sweden. You have to join FB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even as song if you want? No probs. I had a page for Valentine Bonnaire? So you could be Song but anyway do that? People need to see your SOUL? xxoo!


  4. Ok. What is the point? Why do you keep pushing FB? Frankly. I am quite weary of this. So? If you want me to quit visiting here. Just say so.

    Really. Geez.


    1. It’s not about here or there? It’s about poems? In a dark time. Anyway. My manuscript bounced? From the email — up all night thinking? Is everything a lie? Dunno. Anyway. I just like it! Expressive on other levels.


    1. I’ll tell you something funny? I have never in my entire life found it as easy to talk to a man as the editor. No kidding. He’s fantastic, and a superb writer. But, something about him has this calming quality while exciting my mind no end. I have never been as curious about someone? Funny thing, but when I think of him I smile all the time.


  5. This is for your musician friends on Facebook. The musician’s musician.

    now. You see. I sang for thousands of people. I’m glad I’m not on the web. Just song! I spent years of my life as an artist. I mastered my trade. Dedicated my whole being to music. I play the guitar, keyboards, percussion..and the flute. But my perfectionism has always caused me to be humble. I look for reasons to sing again but I can’t be seduced by cultural messages. Either the song will return spontaneously or not. Sometimes since I have known you. I have felt like singing again. And I greatly appreciate that. I followed my bliss. And even now. Silent. I listen.
    You opened my heart. Your struggles often brought me to tears. You are such an artist. In every way. You must have faith in your talent. And follow through. You need to follow through and not be distracted. Most of all you must believe in yourself. You must.
    I have exquisite taste. My senses are refined. My soul honed by discipline and dedication. If I say you are good. You are. In searching for a publisher. You aren’t asking. You are graciously gving.
    The thing is. I know you much better than you know me. Maybe someday.

    I will introduce myself to you

    as song!


    1. ya know, thank you — you are like the only person who says fab nice things and takes me seriously — hopefully that will change soon because the stress around here is not sustainable — nope. Need a break.


  6. I don’t know how to take you any other way. Went over to Scribd tonight to re-read parts of your book. I noticed you have a core following. And it does make me happy to think of them. Wondering who they are. Glad they have found you Knowing we have your Heart of Clouds in common. It makes me smile.


    1. here is the funny thing on that — it works with facebook so those are facebook people from writing community? but a couple of strangers too. do you know who one of my friends is now? “Pay it Forward” I took her classes at the Conf, did you see that?


  7. No I can’t see that. Only the number of reads. The Pay it Forward woman? Yes. I know that story. I believe that way actually. Well this sounds promising. Am I correct?


    1. she is the most incredible writer? I’ll get you a piece from her blog? All of them? But scroll to the clouds piece. She is a role model for me, as many of the writers at the Conf are? Yes. How she presents herself here in this personal blog. I wrote to tell her that I had just written first one. I started as she did with short stories? So, you see Heart of Clouds is my first? After that easier. Whitegrrrl is hardest. In subsequent Teenie novels I want to give her a perfect life? Not perfect, but, a strong young feminist life like mine was? I will. She is het, and so I will grow her up? Through everything until age 19.

      A place for you to visit? Whew, you’ll see.


      1. Nice of you to share her blog. I scrolled through it as you suggested and found the clouds piece. Very nice. Glad you wrote to her. Obviously she loves her dog and hiking. I haven’t read her YA novels. Interesting titles. So glad to read that Teenie will have a good life.


  8. 2 more chapters? Yay! Good. I look forward to these chapters. And then I think when this ends you will write Seaheart. Right?


    1. Yes. I will work on Seaheart and Whitegirrrl — diff days for each. I have just given Gardenias to my editor and also a screenwriter who is so incredibly talented. he can write the screenplays if he wants and then we can give them to Ken. We will make a lot of money and then I can do good things with the money? I fel very safe in the editors hands as he will know what to do in terms of business things. Just safe, now. Also I’m going to get a place that looks at the sea. Not the one I had in mind, but, this one is good for friends and biz. There is a place i really want. The one I stayed in? When You helped me. Any price for that one. An old white elephant place where Max Parrish stayed, I’m quite sure, once. That is Cloud House. I’m going to have it.


      1. Good. You will work on Seaheart then. And whitegirrl too. Well this safety you feel? Nice. And Cloudhouse? Well that sounds perfect to me. I think you have given it such a Wonderful name. And MP well he was definitely masterful–painting skies.


      1. Fine poem today. I intoned especially with the last lines. Looking forward to those chapters!


      2. I was busy today trying to keep things going round here, so no putting chaps == they will be there in morning? I’m wrung out today — didn’t sleep at all last few days. Just tired out. Hope you feel better? Yes.


    1. doing chaps now — he is an invalid overnight — a muscle spasm in hip — nothing wrong, this is what has happened for years, and years and years when he doesn’t feel like he gets attention, only this time? dunno — anyway in touch with a fab screenwriter friend in hopes he will write some for me, and so therapisty ones I have in mind as well. saw my astrologer and june 6th looks very fab.


      1. Omg.  I just read chapter 13 and 14.  And you have done it!  Oh my heart!  You have written the truth.  It’s true.  Yes the birds do have a language and all the animals and the sea and the trees!   And I am so touched.  By you.  I know why we met.  Yes.  It was going to be you to say it.  So sweetly.  So perfectly.  Oh I wish.  I wish I could tell you how you have touched my deepest longing.  This. This story. 
        I came such a long way to meet you.  The stars have s language too.  The music of the spheres!!
        I love you.  Hugs.  xxooo. You are precious.  Love.  Sweetsoul.  Sweetsoul. Beautiful Adrienne.



      2. Well yes!! How will I ever forget! I want it to be published so I can have a copy to carry around with my few other favorite books. And those few books are worn . One is Nei Kung–Secret Teaching of the Warriior Sages. Then. Rilke. Mostly for the 9th Elegy and some Sonnets to Orpheus! Then I have the whole set of Commentaries of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky by Maurice Nicoll. Oh! And his book. Living Time. I love that book!

        I have hundreds of books? But My precious books. A few. So I want this book of yours to be published. So I can have that feeling I have when I hold my precious books. There are things the author has said in each of them that is very dear to my heart! Oh! And. Le Petit Prince!

        And believe it or not! My Tales of the Beanworld Comics! by Larry Marder.


      3. ps: I cut and posted your poem into my fb as from my friend Song? in a note and I added a pic of a talisman rose I took yesterday that is blooming right now in the garden to illustrate. If and when oin FB for you your poem is safe! at my place, and being read by all the poets I know! xxoo!


  9. Was it love that grew you, Rose?
    Not harboured on the Cliffside by the sea
    Red petals beaten by the salt and wind
    And litter tossed beneath you carelessly

    How delicate the fragrance of your flowers
    So ravaged near the careless salty tide
    No love has made you, Rose
    And Yet your presence whispers, I abide

    Was it hope that grew you, Rose?
    Did a gardener come and visit you each day?
    Was it one or five or three leaves ‘neath the bloom?
    To make such flowers to take my breath away

    No care has come to you by any hand
    I see no shears or powders by your side
    No hope has made you, Rose
    And yet your presence whispers, I abide

    Was it faith that grew you Rose
    As winter burned your leaves to memory
    And left your little branches cold and bare
    Sweet flower on the Cliffside by the sea

    How barren are your branches in the snow
    Your vibrant flowers are frosted and denied
    No faith has made you Rose
    And Yet your presence whispers, I abide

    Was it peace that grew you Rose
    You heard “he loves me not, In singsong way”
    Your petals scattered on the ground below
    Confetti on the earth for children’s play

    Your blooms will never be a bouquet held
    For hybrid roses please the city bride
    No peace has grown you Rose
    And yet, your presence whispers, I abide

    ii The epiphany

    It was life that grew you Rose
    Not faith or hope or love or peace, it’s true
    As you braved the barren snows
    It was life, that nestled deep inside of you

    A force defying logics of the mind
    More passion than all human love confides
    It was life that made you Rose
    I hear your presence whisper, I abide

    In the place beyond us all
    I visited with you by the morphic sea
    You survived the winter snows
    As sweet roses past revived your memory

    And in simple heart I know
    As I memorize these lines before repose
    No wise man can realize
    How profound you are my precious cliffside rose


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