deathdance — a tiny poem


the small scurry of the invisible

cesium choked,




suddenly he goes bedridden

all of a sudden two, again


why in this generation

the reversal of roles?


some kind of bravery?



there weren’t any fathering men






all that is unnatural rises

floats up on the currents

currency of nothingness undermer

hearing the mermaids calling,

each to each

tails flashing

the swift leap of last glitters


“deathdance” — copyright 2011 — all rights reserved



3 thoughts on “deathdance — a tiny poem

  1. Oh my, when you have God in your image what else? What else? A world out of balance. What else? Harmony is not an accident. Everything works in mysterious order but mankind. Ancient errors. So we are embodied in this dark hour of the puerile and stunted male and the invisible banished female. Nothing makes sense. Misogyny is written in the equations spewing into the sea. Yet. As small as it seems and though she is neutered in the minds of some. She survived. She was carried forward by those who knew before us. The prices they paid so we might not arrive on the shore of these forboding days. Do not be dismayed. Pagan or saint. Salve Regina.


  2. I am so tired I don’t even remember what I wrote. I desperately need a break. And I see none in sight. Did I say this is a powerful poem. I meant to if I didn’t. Sometimes….oh nevermind.


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