when I first saw you — a tiny poem, April day 9

when I first saw you

there was this vortex

I can’t even explain it now, no words for that, that spinning



All week I watched as you moved

I waited for anything of you

some clue like how you talked invented coffee, spilling cola accidentally

& I was looking at that shirt, old flannel and I was thinking how am I ever going to say what I’ve written

to somebody like you?

later there was this whole sort of nebula

a whole week went by when golden stars seemed to fall from the sky and scatter

golddust themselves

suddenly they were gold and I knew it was you

across an entire universe of things


at the beach when the clouds moved after rain

or the sea rose up suddenly and dropped

that glimmersheen

ten thousand aftershocks

one face

at the helm of things


“when I first saw you” — copyright 2011 — Valentine Bonnaire — all rights reserved

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