skytrees — a tiny poem


T is for trees that grow in the sky

I hold your emo heart in my hands said eye

Bare was the branch that you dangled from

hanging by a swinging rope in the dark

broken was your heart

your little limbs were crying for me across the sky

I’m here said I

With just one big EYE

Look at my branches all full and flushed fine

my green seas wave

my green garments, not made by slaves

my green garments full of leaves

just like me, you are trees!

I’m full of everything for all my little trees

babyseeds are you, barest limbs

lonely in the dark

hanging in clouds of grey

but I will always see your emo heart

That will never go away!

Look to the sky and find my cloud

Take a picture

Then write some words aloud


“skytrees” — copyright 2011 — Valentine Bonnaire — all rights reserved

I always dug this Dave Matthews song.

It was on the radio while I was writing this poem.

EMO KIDS! please look up my Alchemy Project in the web and start writing poems in WordPress instead of on your skin with razor blades.  It is free, and I see your hands making all those HEARTS!

I do not want you to hurt yourselves any more okay?

I wrote this poem because of the trees I saw you make!



ps: also, you can go in and read my book Heart of Clouds.  I wrote it for you, and for the EMO HEART ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Go and see how Teenie Alexander and Devlin Underwood make the same hand heart shape that you do!

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