entertwined — tiny prose poem ramble…

The first time he and I made the beast with two backs the moon was full like tonight spilling white light over the beach and the two of us just sat there afterwards, I of course was changed forever.

I thought his chest was a broad beach where I could land, my hand tangled in the whorls.

It lasted three years altogether.  The on and off of it, and most of the time I was in love except that one long time when I left and it was New Years Eve and we got back together at that tiny place he had in Venice.

In the morning, somebody else’s heels were clicking up the walk.  Whoever she was?  He hadn’t said.

That was the beginning of my indifference.

I was shaking as he went to the door to speak to her.  He sent her away.

I took a cab home.

I learned to love lightly, after that.

I learned how eventually we all betray each other.


I look at the beach now, years later.  I think he isn’t alive any longer.

You are the one I feel comfortable telling things to.

I’m not sure why, except that you understand indifference.

I know that you do.


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