el, especial — a tiny poem

lui, lui, lui

el especial

face full of features, face like an island in stormseas

specialiter autem

hombre of valiance, roaring

even pre-Columbian

the face of fearlessness, the pen poised

lui, exemplar honestatis in plumam

a little hymn to the him, lui, el especial helmsmaster in the watching

outing the dishonesty

nothing escapes that eye, that mind, that broad expanse

of thought parked like winged shapes at the physical brow, prow,

prowling streets, the shapes of thoughts pulsing out, pulsing above the eyes, pressing a cold beer to that ferocity

traveler of streets, and means, the sordid

watchovering pulse of the city, that kind of heartbeat

on the beat, calmly

lui, etoile, illumined pen

big neon lion


“el, especial” —- copyright 2011– all rights reserved

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