2 books, one decade

This is my bag, at this conference — sunny yellow hope in the midst of fog and the terrible decade that has just passed.

It has two manuscripts in it.

I wrote them.

In the car are short stories, mine.

I know where I want to send them.

After this Conference, I need to address my life and make the great changes.

Have to.

I’m proud of what I have done, and how I survived all the horrid things that happened by curling up into text.

I need my practice back.  Yoga.  And swim every day — laps.

Looking at myself, I was shocked to see what has happened from last year till now.

But, everything is transient — even states of mind or states of style.

Nothing is permanent.

What is solid is the fact that I have two books — and I did those in one decade.

It won’t be as hard to do the next ones.

The conference is winding to a close.  My life is going to change.

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