sheen — a tiny poem

after the worst things happen

after life tells you in lessons why

you are here

you’ll raise your head

and you won’t see darkness anymore

you’ll see light


there is this path that always waits

a bright sheen dancing

the sea, after sorrow

the ashes of those who loved you, who went before

remain like particles

across the starry universe


look up and you will see them smiling down

look down and you will see the stardust shimmering


at your feet the waves curl dancing

an entire universe opens

the rush of sound from a shell held at your ear

the whisper of the blood rushing in your veins


you are alive

in the unconscious deeps of the world

swimming as the dancing fishes of thoughts swim

come to rest

only in the beautiful

the sheen of your inner heart



thoughts blow like mist

words from your heart

polishing that languid line

we sleep in dreamtime

walk waking

into the round sun’s gladness


“sheen” by Valentine Bonnaire — copyright 2011 — all rights reserved

* an exquisite youtube I found is here:

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