I am gaining clarity about the last 27 years.  each day brings more.  Also? I am fairly certain what happened to me at work is called a tort.

I intend to find out.

The chair to the left is the kind of chair I grew up with.  My grandmother’s style — she was soft and very feminine.  She never worked a day in her life and my grandfather didn’t either.  She was a flapper in the 20’s during the jazz age.

I’m more like her than anyone.

The marriage has prevented me from being like my grandmother because I love people and parties.  I am very social, left to my own.

This has been like enforced isolation — and then the utter cruelty of the year 2000.


I have every intention of telling what happened to me to my oldest friends.

Anyway, am regaining myself — bit by bit.

I am crying a lot because I have been the stupidest woman on earth — I really think so.

We shall see.

I plan to be myself again.

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