removing the pain


People make structures here along the beaches — this one I caught a month or so back and it has been taken apart now — partially by the sea and also by humans maybe.  It was a beautiful thing while it stood.

What is left standing after wreckage?

That is the giant question of midlife.

What in you is left standing and what are you going to do next?

Last night at the lecture on screenwriting a thought arose about my own generation of Lost People in the Baby Boom.

We are the untethered ones.

We are the ones who labored, hard at things like educations or jobs and we face a season or more of wreckage as things slip by.

So, you try and take a stand.  Make a stand.  Stand for something.

Out of the detritus.

Everything hurts right now — my heart the most.

My mother had this saying about coming into this world alone and going out alone that she repeated over and over and over until it’s like some kind of mantra for me.  We do, actually.

So what do you do with that time you are given?

Besides floating?

Capricorns try and work at things.

In my life that has been learning things — the constant education, the idealism of the ingenue.

It’s time to wrap it all up and make sense of it now.

It’s also time to remove as much pain as possible from my life and other’s lives and I think I can do it by screenplay from concepts that will be interventions.  What was cool last night was the screenwriter talking about interventions.  His.

Maybe the writer is always doing that, or trying to do that.

Leaving a good thing behind.  That is what I want to do before I go.

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