Boats and brightwork.  If you have a wooden boat this is constant.

But?  Look how beautiful.

Life is like this when people agree on things and it isn’t a constant skirmish or a constant fight.

I was down in the harbor looking and remembering when we had the boat.  The sailor next to us was very kind and he was always mentioning the work — which I wanted to do.

My grandfather was very good at keeping up on things.  He was entirely spry that way.

Spryness can be eroded if someone is constantly telling you you are wrong.

If you have a boat, or if you have a relationship it pays to work on things especially by being able to talk them out.

If you get constantly silenced then depression will result.

Anyway last night had a long talk about all of this with a friend, and childhood and so forth.  Wounds inflicted in childhood can shred the self-esteem of teenagers.

It’s called emotional abuse.

So, I modeled that in the book I wrote called Heart of Clouds.  I showed two different family systems in that book for therapists to ponder as well.  Cool tone and warm tone.

In graduate school at Pacifica I was thinking about film as intervention when I wrote my MA thesis, so what I want to do is write very simple children’s tales and put a “cure” inside.

I guess you could say this is my “brightwork” for the soul?

Books and films have the capacity to reach more people and effect a larger cure than one on one.

So, November is coming and I am going to work on the next book called “The Sea Heart.”

I had started it but fell off-track last year.  There are so many distractions for writers now especially with the internet.  Best to check in and then just write because otherwise?  Yikes!

In this book what I am going to write about is bullying, so I am going to show the family system that creates that.  Also, each book will tackle an ecological problem too.  The interventions are coming from current news stories?  The books though?  I want them to feel “timeless” in the sense that they are allegorical.



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