nausea vs vibrancy

The oranges.  When we bought the house they were one of the things that appealed the most.  So beautiful.

I am trying to eat.  Second day on the pill.  Woke up nauseated.  Managed to eat breakfast.  Yogurt, a peach, orange juice, a banana.  That was good.

He came by, took Blossom.  Said he wanted to watch a football game here — that the tenants had painted his parent’s house colors.  I said, “can you see the contrast?”

I painted that whole place for him downstairs.

I said the house needs to be fixed up.

I asked if he could move the clothes and books because then I could create order, here.  He said he would Sunday.  I feel sick.  How can I make myself well is what I have to do.  At such a low ebb right now.  I really am.    It is Labor Day weekend.

Anything for more light right now.

Anything to not see the wreckage.

He isn’t going to help me.

I can see that.  This is physical labor I have to do.  I saw a friend of mine this morning.  She said, open all the windows.  She is going to help me sagely.

We have his mars conjunct my moon in synastry.  I asked her what that meant.  She told me, it’s not a good aspect.

No wonder.

What part of me got crushed?  The moon trampled by a war god — 27 years.


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