white paint, incense, paper lanterns

These go more with a different house than this.  It’s a Craftsman form the 30’s.  The house I would really like sits by the sea and it is a white Victorian with high ceilings.

It’s too dark in here.

When the electrician started and did the kitchen he suggested more light.  I have no money so?  One way is paper lanterns.  Not a prob.  Light is everything to me.  He was always turning off the lights to save money, but to me light is warm and happy.

I’m going to see what I can do about this today.  It’s overcast.  Makes the spirit go low when so — especially in the dark.  So anyway — managed two meals again and this is third day of anti-d.  The first two days were really hard but this morning it is better.  I spent $20 on myself.  I was junking.  I bought a beautiful ginger jar and two books and two mugs and a purple sack for yoga.  All that for $20.  Since in all these years I could never buy any furniture — geez.  Anyway this reminds me of my college years when I went junking all the time — there were more stores for that then.

My art table cost $5.  It’s a white formica table — a square — huge — that came from the Sally Ann “as is” yard we used to have here.  My god, it is like 30 years old right now! Still as fab as ever.  I have sewn on that, painted on that — done everything with it.  It is going in the back room which is going to be like an office pretty soon.

So today, focus on eating, exercise, cleaning, lamps.  I got an invite to hear some music tonight.  I’m going.  It will be the first time in ears that I have been out.  I can do it.

This is natural light, a minute ago:

I adjusted this next picture to reflect the amount of light I need!

I am going to work on making each room have this much light at all times right now.  I don’t care if I have every light turned on in this house.  Need this much light because the dark makes me sad.  If I had my way, years ago i wanted to put in french doors off both bedrooms.  It was always no.  I also wanted a spiral stair.  It was always no.

Here is light!

I made a frittata yesterday for lunch.  Here is how!

Saute a tablespoon of butter in a ten inch pan with straight sides:

saute onions or shallots, then saute briefly one zucchini…

scramble four eggs, pour over top & sprinkle about two ounces grated cheese — this was Monterey Jack:

let set over med heat as if for an omelette, then finish off top in a 350 oven for a few minutes till that sets and cheese melts…

— makes four servings, and for more people double the recipe and use a larger pan — you can vary the vegetables, spices, herbs, cheese to your taste as well.

It is really hard to eat if depressed, so, try and do this frittata!  It will taste good.  The onions and the eggs came from Marshall’s farm the other day.  The eggs were delish.  He has chickens!

Here is a picture of the bounty I got there — just some vegetables and flowers.  Trying to eat.  It’s so hard.  Omg.  It is.

Need more light.

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