after yesterday…

I wandered around at a garden place here and went to the beach, saw the moon rise.  Such a sad day yesterday.  Thinking about the decade in toto.

The contractor said a little thing to me, he was always doing that several years ago — like little zen koans or?  It was this: “where our focus goes, our energy flows.”


So I focused on the beautiful and the small.

Like the moon.  Like shells on the sand as butterflies.

The sea is very healing to me.  It’s the sound of the waves, or looking at the colors and light.

I got seeds for Shirley Poppies.  Doubles and Singles — Mignonette fraises du bois, Heirloom poppies that are similar to Orientals in their beauty.  Have decided to make a poppy garden if possible where the sun lands in the backyard.  If I can.  I’m going to move the rocks from the front and make beds in the sun for them.

Day 12 anti-d.  Better except yesterday, because it was that terrible day of remembrance.

Flowers.  Something I always did.  Cooking.  Something I always did.

I soaked some black beans for soup.  Probably today I will make it.

These are the ochre cliffs at the beach in late fall light…

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