wearing the feminine

I like the way it feels to wear skirts again — even in Fall.  This reminds me of the vintage I wore at age 14 — long white lace-edged skirts…

I have been invited back into a group of writers I love very much at ERWA.  Had it not been for them, I could never have put my first book together.  It’s called “Gardenias.”

I’m going to ask them to review it?

And I’m going to start writing short stories again!

In November this year, I am going to write Seaheart at the furious pace Nanowrimo sets —

So, maybe everything is going to be okay.

I’m just going to think that right now.

Not be sad.

Pressing forwards.

Planted a few things yesterday — made me feel better.

Floating around in skirts.

That will be me.

Also, my noms de plume are all integrated now.

Among friends.

The darkness of Winter will less hard…



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