Nanoday 3 “Dreamstime” the novel continues… #amwriting #nanowrimo

So, have 3662.  Yay.

Made a wordle of those so you can see how the words are shaping up and it looks like “Like” is pretty important or was used too much but that could be metaphors?  I learned about wordle in 2009 from the twitterstream of the Nanowrimo writers which was totally great!

See that by clicking the link into wordle, and also this is where I came up with my ideas for the tx diagnostic thing I am working on for Art/Narrative work.

Back later! xxoo! Adrienne

An excerpt from day three “Dreamstime” —

I’d wear a dress with nothing underneath and little kitten heels.  We would make love under falling petals like water, reaching samsara together.  I know he knows how.

Neither of our marriages were happy.  I know this because of the way we started flirting with each other.  It was instant.

Maybe there was subtlety here, once.

I’d lie if I said there wasn’t.  We had cocktails in restaurants with dinner in my marriage.  He was wearing an oatmeal sweater when we had our first date.  It’s long gone.  He has everything anyone ever gave him saved, almost.  In the closet is a shirt a girlfriend embroidered for him.  It bothered me years ago that he kept it, but, I was just a wife taking on someone who had been with many women.  I’m trying to understand why he wanted me.  He didn’t want to fuck me.  He wanted me to make dinner and cookies and he wanted all these things for himself, not for a baby.  Not for a family.

The house is so cold, as cold as the years that distanced us were cold.  I’m trying to remember when it was warm, or it felt like warm, but that was a very long time ago.  I’m trying to remember how I stole his Irish sweater in the years we made love at my little apartment or what it was like that first Christmas when he gave me two presents.  One of them was a crystal candleholder in the form of a lump of ice.  He has that with him now, at the other house.  That first year he gave me a set of long underwear made for a man.  It was red, and I wore it because it was so cold, even then.  He liked to stand behind me and point out the constellations and he knew them all by heart.

I will remember him for the times we crossed deserts looking at stars in the night sky.  There was a purity to the light in those years, coming from the cold distant universe.

Today was 1911, for the words — up to 5573! ten more runs like that = 50,000!  I remember that it got harder the second week but I am not plotting as I was on Heart of Clouds, I think because I am in this very tight POV.  One of my teachers at the SBWC wrote a really great book that I have yet to crack open but this might be the month — for that.  She was talking about the POV and how to make that get closer or farther away, depending.  I loved that idea, last summer at the Conference.  Happy with today.  Have not read the last three days, just pressing forward but I might?  In a way in nanowrimo you just want to keep moving because if you stop you will doubt yourself so it is best not to look back — i might not until the end and then see what I have.

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