Nanoday5 — “Dreamstime” — have 7005, meet-up! stickers! xxoo!

It’s childlike to want the cool stickers that come from Nanowrimo but I do! — today is a meet-up where local writers get to have a coffee together, talk craft, get stickers, hang out and, well, write together ensemble if they want.  I remember the first one of these two years ago where I met AJ, the regional coordinator for Nano here.

They have really cool graphic designs & positive messages!

It’s lonely being a writer, because you are mostly alone in this work?  Srsly.

So I have already gotten two crits on “Bustier” one asking what a “kitten heel” was and another not getting the writing style or rambling text at all.

There are many different styles of expression, and this POV is lending itself sort of unconsciously right now.  I’m going to go back and read what I have said so far in 7005 words and see what I have this morning.

Looking forward till later, woke up at 4, omg.  Tired.  But everything in my life is up in the air right now — the book must reflect that, I’m sure.

Back laterz, with an excerpt — I hadn’t planned on writing an erotic novel, but I am?  This is a dance between old and new worlds in a sense having to do with a trunk full of memories.  Really happy that my short story “Flowering” will be running in the galleries at ERWA over the holidays, so somehow this month squeeze in another for theme…my camera broke, damn.  Miss it so much.

UPDATE: Ist person is a hellish pov, srsly — themes emerging today glacial ice vs warmth, sex and death of loved ones, ugh.  Ends on this:

“It took a long time for me to realize how alone I was with him.  Eventually it became like ice, between us.  Trapped in cold sheets of ice, frozen in a glacier of day to day triviality. “

got a camera, not sure if it will work yet, got stickers from AJ met the group a mixed bag of peeps, one from San Fran wildly colorful in turquoise, with turquoise all over herself, largely — what a day & what a struggle in this pov, ugh, horrid.  Manana is a diff day, srsly.  Diff direction.  Dredging.  It’s like that, the way the dredge does the sandbar, reforms it.

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