Nanowrimo/15 — “Dreamstime” at 22350 — heading toward 25,000 the halfway point.

It’s a struggle this morning.  Because of all the problems in my outer life.  Writing is something that has to be done in a cloistered state and I have been there for the last seven years.  The last seven years have been the hardest of my life.  Two years ago I managed Nanowrimo and it feels imperative that I manage that again.  Just for the accomplishment, and knowing I did it.

The focus of the novel is about love and loss of love.  It’s about a marriage that disintegrated.  At least that part is getting clearer.  So, began the novel without an actual starting point.  Am not going to look back now, until I have finished.  I need 2655 words today to get on track.  So far I have like 152.  In the pep talk today there was a note about how Cheever wrote.  Anyway listening to Cassandra Wilson again as a muse today — “Children of the Night” which fits for waking up at three in the morning.

Things have to get better.  They have to.

Keep going.  One word after the other.  Tell the truth on the page, because it will be another reader’s truth.

Back later.


(wish me luck because very difficult to do this at this pace and in this POV)

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