Nanowrimo/23 #amwriting “Dreamstime” needs 2951 today… <3, decides on love scene…!

K so, last few days have been sleepless in a way.  But managed to keep writing.  I need 2951 words, after that little bit of a morality tale thing I did last night.  Before that I had taken my two MC’s out for breakfast.  Will need so many edits, omg, but oh well — the whole point is just keep writing today and get to 2951 somehow or at least close.

From yesterday:

“Where are we going?”

“Up the coast.”


“In the morning, silly.  At first light.”

“I want to show you the lupines.”

“We can paint them.”

“Like the Pointillists did?”

“If you want.”

In the morning we loaded the car with paints and all our sketching things.  He asked me if I wanted breakfast and I was hungry for the first time in what had felt like ages.  I wanted something large, and something sweet.  I was happy,  just looking at him, knowing what we had done the night before.  The coastline curved before us for miles and miles.  There were no cars on the road, just us, and the top was down so the wind could ruffle through our hair.

His face shined like the sun, smiling.

I knew he said little, unless he really meant it.  He didn’t just speak like most people do, running off their mouths at nothing.  He was cautious with words.

The cafe was tiny and intimate.  There were croissants and various coffees.  There were pastries in the glass case and candies formed of delicate chocolate that were exquisite looking.  I looked for a long time at them.

“We’ll take one of each,” he laughed.

“To tide us over.”

I just smiled again, up at him.

“Choose whatever you want.”

As usual I was indecisive.

“Can you choose for us?”

I was tired of making decisions.  I wanted to be carried inside his pocket and he could do all of that.  I liked the direction after so long.  The years when I hadn’t had any.

back later, good thing I have a muse no kidding! xxoo!

what a pastiche this is so far, geez.

sees where it goes…

thinks of my fave scenes ever from one of my fave films ever, The English Patient.

& knows why I write morality tales, too.



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