Nanowrimo/26 — novel at 41,145, winding down to close #amwriting

So, this has been a wild wild ride without plotting, just free flowing writing that started with looking at my grandmother’s wedding dress and thinking about her marriage — it’s now dawn, the clouds coming up pale and yellow.  Wants to get to the end, will.  I have the end already and that is the synopsis part in Nano propre.

From yesterday, (blur) at this point, just typing to get words out, now.

I couldn’t stand that exactly. Too see him restrained at such a level.

I wanted to see him in huge craggy sweaters that went with his handsome face.

When I looked at him all I could see was the sadness of the fetters.  He was this handsome beast caught in the traces.

The more I was able to see the fetters the worse it got.  I couldn’t stand to think of him in them like a trapped animal.

I wanted to see him with his head thrown back into the wind, smiling, laughing, free.  I wanted him to scream when he came, loudly, all the pent up everything spilling out, all the pent up dreams, and pent up emotions.  I wanted it to spill like a dam spilling, like a river starting to flow and fill the banks, overflow the banks, cresting, yowling, all the animal in him come alive and on fire.

back later, geez. (this part had some sexy bits but was too rambly & written too fast last night — this thing is going to need the biggest edit job in the world I swear.


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