in woodlands where — a tiny poem (learns to write sestina) #amwriting #learning #forms

“where, silence, swears, above, green, stairs” — a poetry challenge/collab among friends for a group poem.

(the group poem was six lines) — end on one word I chose silence

a meadow, tattered flowers dancing, silence

flowers tattered glisten, backlit in silence

tattered love, narcissus mirrors the silence

paper whites gleam, a waxen silence

moon waxing paper white, simple silence

silence, only silence, silent silence, silence

crisp moon, shrill winds, wintry landscape, silence

Is getting to learn the sestina form today!  & trys…

here is how at this fab link!

(six lines six to ten words each, ends one one word above)

using this as an image:

in woodlands, small tendresse of green

white narcissus abides, the flowering silence’d

wind tattered blossoms under the stairs

fall prey to winter’s chill above

defiant bulbs cloister, Spring’s sun swears

a sugared return, thoughts of where?


As every poet finds a where

Wintry descent stilling the heart’s green

“To love,” a poet crying, swears

This husk of flowers, papery silence

Chilled stars, the silent night, above

Breath rattling cold along the stairs


in woodlands where,  trees become stairs

climbed cathedrals, boughs towering aloft, where

the poets look for inspiration above

Once love reigned, in triumphant green

not tattered shards of petal’s silence

“Come Spring,” a poet always swears


“This Spring,” a poet always swears

Not alone upon these stairs

Not a tattered flower silence’d

Meadows full of fragrant stars, where

We poets pick, dancing through green

such clustered stars as glimmer above


Look up and sigh, heaven above

Look back at what Love swears

A heart aligned with deepest green

Two hands that reach, climb stairs

No loneliness in stealing flowers where

Spring unleashes what Winter had silence’d


Never  let your heart be silence’d

Scan skies for starry constellations above

Roam paper white filled meadows where

Gleaming flowers beckon fresh, Love swears

New lovers walking up the stairs

To dance in meadows fresh and green


Where stars and flowers a poet swears

In silence’d meadows fresh with green

Stars above describe the newfound stairs


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