A little more Christmas, a tiny pine cone tree I made #crafts #handmade #tree

So, it is VERY BLEAK IN AMERICA all over the place right now.  It makes me sick and sad to look at the news.  What I did was turn off the television a few months ago.  I’m not looking anymore.  It’s strange because when I grew up this is something we did as a family?  Anyway, I have time on my hands to try and make things since I’m not working right now.  My life has been reduced down to utter simplicity and I’m wondering how I can make it even simpler. Other countries must be far happier than here.  On Thanksgiving I drove up the main street in my town and saw nothing but homeless people.  Why?  In our country?  Why?  It makes me sick and sad.

I’m going to make my grandmother’s cookies this month.  My whole family is gone.  Why should I stay?  Dunno.  There has to be hope someplace on this planet.  There has to be love someplace for humanity instead of the chaos.  I hope so and I wish I could find that place.  Small and rural, with a nice fire, woodlands, some sense of a past America that has been lost.

I did this to take my mind off things.

I want the pleasant Christmases of my childhood back.

So, now I have four trees.  One is a tiny pine cone tree I got a few years ago at the Botanic Gardens.

One is a twig tree, one is this pine cone one I made yesterday, and last night I got my real tree.

I’m doing the best I can to keep my spirits up.

I really am.

I’m going to self-publish my book Gardenias and maybe the others too.

Hopefully doing that will give me an income again and then maybe I will feel more in the Christmas spirit.

Song, if you come by I have called you twice and not gotten any feedback.  Concerned and know I am thinking of you and wish you a Merry Christmas!

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