Progressed moon 8th house transit

I don’t even know where to start when I say how bad this is.  How it feels for me with the Gemini moon I have looks like this picture.  I took it yesterday.  It’s like being a ghost.

My grandmother used to read Anne Morrow Lindbergh — “Gift from the Sea” was a fav of hers.  I had a copy but it’s gone.  Wish I still had it.

Anyway this transit is a blur of sorrow because the 8th is a difficult house anyway.

I’m searching around for solace of some sort I really am.  This is a transit of being intensely alone like no other time in my life.

For one thing there are crying jags.

This last decade is one in where there was so much loss that the agony of the losses overtook me.  Frankly, I’m not sure how I am still standing.  I lost my grandparents and my mother and my identity at work.

Moon rules the “thoughts and feelings” — my moon is an air sign and so the feelings of sadness are at the forefront.

It’s a time of figuring out how to carry on and not be sad about the past.  Only?  I don’t know how.  I think this is a period of such deep grief, dunno.

I looked at my chart for next December and the moon will be out of the 8th, almost.  That is one year.  The hardest part of this was the conjunction it made with my natal moon, that is past now.  By Christmas, the moon will have moved into Cancer, which I think will be beter, because it will be  about “home” and trying to make one from the shards after all these losses.  It’s still going to be in the 8th house, but it might get easier once it changes signs.

I have my Christmas tree to decorate.  I’m going to bake some cookies.  I’m counting the days until the moon moves signs because this has been agony on my soul having it in Gemini.  It really has.

Cancer is a feminine sign.  Glad for that.  Moon in qualities of the feminine 8th house.

2 thoughts on “Progressed moon 8th house transit

  1. I found your post from a search on progressed moon in the 8th house. I too have had my progressed moon in the 8th since early last year and I totally feel ya on the crying jags. However my natal Leo moon is in the 12th and Sun in the 8th so I’m already somewhat familiar with the energy…it’s just been multiplied to the nth degree. lol That being said, it still has not been easy.

    I’ve got until Aug next year before it changes signs but it’ll still be in the 8th for a few more months. Here’s hoping that the progression into the next sign will be better for us!


    1. Is hoping so? I think it will — has just moved into Cancer 8th for me and will be there for about a year but I am seeing this as a new home? On many levels! xxoo! after it moved off the moon, omg it got so much easier — HAPPY re 2012! & creation of new from old life!


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