the brushed blur of dotted red

a Christmas heart, stippled

watery illusions, blurry

ghosts of holidays past


those are all things I am facing this Christmas, alongside the stress.

waiting for the progressed moon to move signs, only a few more days until it does…

Progressed Moon in Cancer

This marks a time when we need the comforts of a home base. While the Progressed Moon moves through Cancer, we turn inward and focus on building or solidifying our home base and our families. We have a greater need for security and the feeling of being safe and comfortable during this period. This is a time for building your sense of security.

I am really thinking about “home” and what that means right now — what it has meant in the past, what a home is and where a home should be.  I have to face going through a lot of things here, and figuring out what I can take forward in order to try and stay alive.  This is on both an emotional and physical level.


happy to report that now the progressed moon is at 17 minutes in Cancer, just checked — still in the 8th house, but, over the worst part — so home?  that is on my mind.

home and what that is supposed to mean…

going to bake some cookies and find someone to share them with, I think.

I saw a beautiful video in the web, a Dylan Thomas…

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