Christmas and Depression in America, 2011

Well, here is the tree I got at the beginning of the month.  I haven’t even decorated it yet but I will.

I made one batch of cookies and gave them away.

Today was my anniversary.

One of the things my husband used to do was have roses sent to me on this day.  Men are good at that when things are going well.  I learned to plant my own roses after a photograper I went with had the habit of always bringing me one every time he came to see me.  Sometimes he sent them in dozens.

A few are blooming around my place right now.  Nice ones, too.

I love planting them, and I’m going to be planting a lot of them when this all finishes I expect.  I just need more sun and I need to find that and some land.  I love gardening and right now the idea of growing big vegetable gardens is something I have been thinking of for a while.

As I look at my books I can see that they have evolved through all the eras of my life.  I can’t keep all of them so I might get rid of a few, but, my faves I am keeping.

My American dream has died.

That was in the year 2000.

I need a new dream.

I thought I was going to bake all kinds of cookies but I’m not.  Not in the spirit this year.  I will be next year though.  I know it.

If you want to ask Americans why they might be depressed?

It’s the layoffs in this country.

Last night my friend Ed Padgett “The Blogging Pressman” was just another casualty.  You know?  How is anyone in America supposed to feel happy when all their friends are laid off by shitty corporations who only care about the bottom line?

Anyway, I have taken the Beck Depression Inventory three times since August.

It has gone steadily up.  It has.  I think the numbers went from 23 to 16 yesterday?  Which is good.

The strain that these corporations are causing on American families?  You have no idea, but as a therapist I can tell you.  Divorce happens.

All you family values types need to think about that.

Think how sad America is right now.  Tragic circumstances for so many.

These politicians are full of spin.  They need to really look at the country and do something.  It’s a disgrace.  So the Beck is a series of questions to assess for feelings?  Christmas is a difficult time and therapists assess for what we call suicidal ideation at that time.  There may be some online versions of the Beck but if you are feeling that way?  Get help!  And don’t.



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