Quiet Christmas, solo…

First thing I am going to do is something about my hair, srsly.  That is my new little hat and I’m going to be writing a story over the holidays called “Spangles” — one of my Velvet Babe ones.

I decided that for her look for the graphic novels I want to do with these stories I want a comic similar to this artist below.

Getting serious about my writing is my resolution for the new year and 2012.  xxoo!


“Spangles” is being written for a very kind man who said something very nice to me at the Srreenwriter’s mixer I went to.  This last decade has been so sad, omg.

Wants out of the SAD!

Into the happy and that is going to happy because only I can do it.

Resolution #2 is getting my yoga practice back.  I so need that.  Stills the mind.

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