Christmas, made it! Now, New Year’s!

My present, the only one I got this year — but that is okay because don’t need much and need to have a big giant cleanout anyway! Am really happy with this present, actually.  My husband got it for me.  For myself I got Diane Keaton’s memoir, and also Dior’s fragrance “Cherie”  — it goes with my flowers!  Going to get myself some other things I need and like this year.  Thankfully we are both in agreement about making our lives much more fun!  I gave him a copy of “Gift from the Sea” — it was weird because I love to get him lots of things but since he never really gave me lots of things I just got one this year.  One book.  From now on he is going to live his own life and I will live mine.

Floated some pretty camellias like I like to!

Sends out wishes for the happiest week to all and a blessed new year for 2012…





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